If Only I Could Be As Smart As Google

Google won me over pretty easily and pretty early. For as long as I can remember, Google has been my homepage on my browser, beginning with my family desktop computer growing up. Now I’ve grown up a little, and adopted more than just the Google search engine into my life. I’d be lost without Google products – I’m not kidding, I’d actually be lost without Google Maps. I’m pretty directionally-challenged and I rely on Google Maps to help me find my way. My current obsession is with Google Music since I require listening to music at all times including during my walks across campus, my study sessions at the library, and hang outs with my friends. Other products, like Chrome, Gmail, Drive, and Reader have become integrated into my daily life.  Obviously, Google doesn’t need my praise to prove how amazing their work is, but I want to officially declare my love and allegience to Google right now.

I’m so impressed by the people at Google: the engineers, computer techs, innovators, designers, and leaders. Being a part of that intelligent team has to be exciting, and of course I would love to be as smart as any of them. But now I want to be as smart as their most recent technology that Google announced. This new development makes Google  Search even smarter and even more human-like. The new technology, The Knowledge Graph, is going to change the results you’ll receive after a search. Instead of treating your search query just as keywords, your search will be treated as things.

Um, treated as things? What does that even mean?

That’s probably what you’re thinking at this point. Google Search is taking on the challenge to connect words with their real world meanings to give you the results for which you’re actually looking. So, let’s say you searched “Ryan Gosling.” Along with the usual links associated with your search, there will also be a summary of items like his date of birth, his work, his awards, and other information Google’s research for most relevant/most searched information on the actor.

Google already seemed pretty smart, but now it’s going to “know” things. Well, searching never seemed so easy. The Knowledge Graph is officially added to the long list of reasons why I love Google.

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