How to Solve the Twitter Background Problem in Safari

I would be remised to skip a formal introduction before I write my first blog as a social media intern at Ingenex Digital Marketing. My name is Brian Vandeputte and I am in my last semester at Michigan State University. I am majoring in advertising and hope to pursue a career in art direction.

Brian Vandeputte

Firefox and Safari are the two most prominent web browsers, however, they are obviously not programed and designed by the same company. Case in point, one of my first tasks at Ingenex was to re-design the LA2M Twitter page. I made the alterations on Firefox, and thought they would transfer over to Safari. Little did I know how wrong I would be.

Credit is due to Why Wait Webs, for helping me solve this dilemma. The gist of the problem is that in Safari, color in images mismatches with the CSS background colors. To rectify the situation, use an image instead of a CSS background color. Instead of having #FFF in the background color CSS code, you should have something like background-image:url(bg_solid_color.gif);

Then, if you make any changes in Photoshop, save your work for Web devices. In Firefox, you could save it as a JPG and upload it, but it doesn’t work that simply in Safari.

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  1. Good job Brian. I was trying to figure out how to solve that dilemma myself when I created the backgrounds. Kudos.

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