How to get the most of Twitter

Twitter is a great tool for networking, by using its 140 characters messages you can connect with many people around the globe that can be potentially interesting for your career or even your business. The following ones are some guidelines that will help you to get the most of each tweet:

  • Use every word to make an impact (you only have 140 characters, don’t waste them)
  • Use your real name or last name, your WoW name may be popular among the other dwarfs or orcs, but maybe not so well known for anyone else.
  • Link, link and link again to your site or blog.
  • Use tinyurl, this will allow you to introduce longer web addresses. Also try to use the custom URL option if possible.
  • Be selective with your contacts, you don’t need to be antisocial but there is no need to follow back everyone who adds you, especially if their profile pictures are kind of suspicious (half naked women, etc…).
  • Share anything you think is useful, it may be useful for others and it adds interest to your twitter account.
  • Pimp your twitter account.
  • Keep your profile update, link to your blog.
  • Interact with your followers, comment on their tweets.
  • Try to tweet everyday, don’t let people forget about you!

Hope this little advice help. I’ll see you on Twitter.

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