Google Analytics Used to Measure Companies’ Influence Online

We all know that the Internet has revolutionized the way companies do business. Companies used to build their reputation through employee to customer contact, this person-to-person to form of communication now seems sort of archaic. With corporate communication booming over social networks like Facebook and Twitter companies are now faced with the challenge of maintaining their reputation in a growing number of mediums. New analytical tools are coming on the scene in order to measure companies’ reputation, taking into account the influence they are having online.

Companies like PeerIndex, Twitalyzer, Talentag and PostRank, all owned by Google, use online analytics to determine an individuals or business’s influence online. These tools measure questions like, how many people are exposed to your messages, and who takes action as a result of your efforts? The results can determine the amount of “social capital” that you or your organization has.

A digital marketing agency can be very useful for companies that would like to utilize tools, like Google Analytics, to measure effectiveness and optimize their web sites. An agency measures the effectiveness of your web site based on keywords, landing pages, traffic sources, site visitors, time on site, bounce rate, and more.  If I were behind the helm of a start up company I would definitely want to have some data to work off of, and fortunately enough Google Analytics is a quick and easy way to measure your web site traffic.

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