Get Your Commute On Ann Arbor

May in Ann Arbor means, the Commuter Challenge, and the Interns at Ingenex, a Michigan Social Media Agency, say, Game On!  May is National Bike Month, to celebrate this, organizes the Commuter Challenge every year where local businesses compete to see which business can engage the most commuters. You can commute by bus, carpool, bike, walking, or even motorcycle.  Commuters  only have to pledge to commute one day in the month of May to be eligible to sign up.

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Photo Credit: Elena Nadtochiy

Studies show that the healthiest people are those that commute to work; they are healthier than even those that commit themselves to the gym 3 times a week.  Commuting is also better for the environment, and cost effective because you don’t have to pay for gas (or as much if you are a motorcycle) or worry about parking with all modes except motorcycle.

Are you a local business in Ann Arbor? If so, ask your employer to get involved, even if you don’t have 100% participation, you will still inspire colleagues and maybe they will sign up next year.


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