7 Steps That Will Help You Gain Twitter Followers

photo credit: mkhmarketing via photopin cc

photo credit: mkhmarketing via photopin cc

Twitter is a consistently growing part of inbound marketing, but you cannot reach your entire targeted audience if you do not have a large amount of interested followers. This is a guide to help you gain more interested followers for yourself or your company.

  1. Tweet more.                                                                                                                  It is very important to have a large amount tweets that are relevant, interesting and appealing to your followers. Retweets and favorites on each one of your tweets can help lead to more followers quickly so use something like “Retweet this if…” to give your tweets a better chance to get retweets.
  2. Learn the types of communication on twitter                                                         (#, @ replies, quotes…. etc) help interact with your followers. The use of # and @ tools can help communicate with potential followers or potential clients. The more interacted you are with your followers will help encourage business and help in spreading the word about your page.
  3. Use various already created accounts                                                                Use FaceBook, Email and LinkedIn to connect with those on twitter who you are already connected on 1 of the previously mentioned Social Medias. Follow people you are already friends with to maximize your chances of getting followed back and then use those people to branch out by following there followers.
  4. Utilize other applications                                                                                    There are several apps that go hand in hand with twitter to help regulate tweets and tweet previously drafted tweets for you when you are unavailable. Having regulated and well-spaced apart tweets will help produce organization that is very appealing to followers and potential followers alike.
  5. Connect with people of similar interests                                                        Twitter presents weekly chances to join chats and communicate with nation and world-wide people in the field you want to talk about.  This will help you gain followers because you will be presenting your opinions to others who share the same interests.
  6. Reach out to those with similar interests                                                                  When you find someone with information you aline with or are interested in, reach out to them. This creates an opportunity to gain followers based on what you connect with them on.  The people who are branching out on certain topics are people you want to connect with.  They will help you find more people and more followers by retweets and @ connections.
  7. Find People                                                                                                            Twitter recommends accounts to follow in the ‘Find people’ page for a reason.  Twitter will recommend people to follow that you may know and gives you a chance to import your contacts to see who already has a twitter.  This is a helpful tool because instead of having to spend time finding people to follow, you can find them right here.

Follow these steps and put time and effort into this and you can gain thousands of followers that can help you or your business, help you promote and help you get your name out there.



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