First day at Ingenex!

Everything now is digitised and as a marketing student it’s very important that I know how a digital marketing agency works. Comparatively print media is used less and people are more digital savvy and interested in social media.


Everybody is moving towards the goal of “Going Green” and digital marketing contributes to this goal. As an eco-friendly intern at Ingenex I have the opportunity to learn about digital marketing and help the environment.

On my first day itself, I had the opportunity to attend an LA2M event. I always wanted to attend a LA2M event and finally had a chance to experience one. The event was very inspiring, knowledgeable and gave me the opportunity to network with some amazing people. Terry Bean, the first speaker for the LA2M event gave a presentation on what he calls “relateVertizing”. RelateVertizing refers to relating to a target audience and directing specific messages that these individuals identify with, understand and care about. In other words, there is more intensity of knowing the message or having a curiosity when it is related to the customer or the target audience.

He spoke about Detroit and his different avenues for reviving Detroit. The idea he had few years back is now called 313 D Love. Isn’t this a cool name? He even used the hash tag, #313DLove, to promote his message and unite Detroiters together.  I thought it was very interesting how he influenced many people residing or living in and around Detroit to help the city come together.

My goal as an eco-friendly intern and a marketing student is to learn and grasp the various aspects of marketing. I have a long way to go and this is the first step.

For more information about LA2M and a list of upcoming events please visit

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