FIFA World Cup 2010 for the Struggling Sports Novice

Soccer, or football, is in season. This means, if you are a sports novice, you must struggle to maneuver through workplace conversations, small talk, and Facebook threads without revealing that your silent nods are really a desperate attempt to not let anyone know how clueless you feel. You wish you could scream, “I have no idea what round Brazil is in!” or “why does the United States refer to it as ‘Soccer’?” Fellow novices, choose to suffer in silence no longer, for today, I Googled it.

Property of FIFA

A quick search clarifies the soccer vs football query; the sport’s full name is Association Football. The US shortened it to Soccer from “asSOCiation.” But whether you call it “soccer” or “football” it is a sport that ultimately unites. Mike M. from Ann Arbor writes, “[Soccer] is a sport that everyone around the world plays, really, the only one.” The world coming together as one is something every one can get into; so, let’s get into it.

The Essential Facts:

  • FIFA stands for Federation International de Football Association
  • The World Cup occurs every 4 years
  • The 2010 World Cup runs one month: June 11th- July 11th
  • South Africa is hosting the event this year among 10 cities within the country
  • 32 countries are competing for a top spot
  • Soccer can tie and the completed games receive points:

Easy ways to get connected:

Although you may still be a FIFA World Cup beginner, you now have a few talking points at the water cooler. Enjoy and relax, Soccer is for everyone.

2 thoughts on “FIFA World Cup 2010 for the Struggling Sports Novice

  1. I really enjoyed this article and completely identify with the first paragraph! A friend of mine and I were just talking about this perplexing problem today….you know, the ignorant non-sports fan who just wants to fit in during the sportstalk. Thanks for making us all a bit less ignorant in these things!

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