Facebook’s Latest App

Facebook has released their own “Instagram” twin. Facebook Camera, with a newsfeed that only displays friends photos, it’s the latest way to share pictures with your friends.

Facebook Camera, a free download in the App Store, offers very similar features to Instagram. Facebook Camera allows users to post multiple pictures at once, see their friend’s latest pictures, edit pictures and add camera filters, tag their friends and add their location. It also allows users to see pictures from other applications.

Facebook Camera has a similar feel to Instagram but I don’t think it replaces Instagram. Being in the digital world, I had to check out this new Facebook application. It didn’t spend much time in the app because I was highly disappointed. First, it offers poor camera filters and secondly the pictures are pulled directly from Facebook which means you are going to see the same pictures that are on your Facebook newsfeed.

The fun thing about Instagram is that people’s pictures are usually only posted in there, so you don’t see duplicates across social media outlets. In my opinion, I found this to be the most annoying part of Facebook Camera so I’m sticking with Instagram for now.

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