Facebook Fatigue – Are You Feeling It?

Sick of Facebook? You may be suffering from what is now known as Facebook fatigue. As it turns out, many people are feeling the same way and are deciding to take a break from the site or deactivate their profile altogether.

According to a new study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, about 61% of current Facebook users admitted to taking a break from the popular social networking site at one time or another.  Most people said they had taken time off from the social network to escape the drama, or because they find it just plain boring.

Photo by: Bark

Pew used Princeton Survey Research Associates International to conduct the actual telephone interviews with a representative sample of 1,006 adults in the U.S. About 27% of Facebook users said they plan to spend less time on the social network this year and 20% of all online adults said they had once used a Facebook, but are no longer members.

Despite the need to step away from the site at times, most people report that family member and friend connections keep them attached to the site. Even though most users don’t plan on quitting Facebook altogether, they are not visiting as often and are certainly not experiencing the same type of enjoyment as they once did, according to the research.

One reason for the decrease in popularity of the site is the rise in other social networks. People are adjusting their time on certain sites as they begin to accommodate new social tools, especially when they find ones they like better than Facebook. With busy schedules and new social platforms emerging all the time, web users are budgeting their time to get the most out of online connectivity.

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