Anyone looking to expand their business into the office or architects planning any sort of major building should definitely look into EnviroGLAS terrazzo when it comes to designing the floor.

EnviroGLAS is fully customizable in terms of color and shape, it’s made from recycled products found here in America, and it’s an investment that will outlast the investor. Glass retains its natural qualities long (millions of years) after breaking, and can always be melted down and formed into brand new glass. Best of all, as opposed to adding on the harmful chemicals needed to strengthen and clean marble floors, all you need to clean EnviroGLAS is simple soap and water.

Tim Whaley, a Michigan State graduate, patented the idea of EnviroGLAS after discovering how much glass and ceramic (90%) found its way into landfills in Texas, where the company is located. Tim thought that it was such a shame that such a beautiful product was going to waste, and decided he could do something about it and give people something they could really use as well.

Builders, contractors, interior designers, anyone who’s looking to live a more sustainable and eco-friendly life should look into glass terrazzo flooring. It’s an opportunity to build green that won’t “break” you.

Check out the website at http://www.enviroglasproducts.com

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