Does Dial-Up Internet Still Exist?

I remember dial-up internet. You would turn on the computer, log into AOL (or your internet provider of choice), go to the bathroom, maybe grab a snack and come back to see the computer still on step 5 of 7. Now its all about Xfinity and 4G, the fastest speeds possible connecting you instantly to the world wide web. The world is literally at your fingertips with just the touch of a screen because honestly, who even still has buttons on anything these days?

The world has transitioned into an age of instant gratification. Newspapers, books, magazines and almost every type of print resource are available online, only a download away from being in our possession on our preferred type of electronic device. So it only made sense that the rest of the world go digital too. Beyond printed resources transitioning into the digital world, what were face to face interactions are now found on the internet. You can find a job, meet your soulmate or connect with people you knew in kindergarten, all through various types of social media. In fact, social media marketing has become so influential on attracting consumers, businesses have started to use it to advertise and market themselves. Digital marketing companies have entered the scene as a great investment since social media has expanded from a couple of websites to more than older generations can understand. Dominant social media companies Facebook and previously MySpace, now face competition from Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, AfterCollege, Pintrest, and many more. The number of different social media websites available is beyond what many could have ever imagined.

Like I said, its a great time to be a digital marketing company. I know I’m excited to be a part of one, at Ingenex. I get the opportunity to learn how to use all of these social media outlets for more than just seeing last weekend’s party pictures or what people from high school are doing now. I get the opportunity to be a part of the transition that will completely transform the marketing world. It doesn’t get any better than this.

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