Digital Media Consumption is Inevitable

Being born in the early nineties, I am part of the last generation to grow up with heavy exposure to tangible media. I grew up with a fax machine, a cassette player, and a print newspaper delivered to my house daily. Now, I email, listen to music digitally, and subscribe to a newspaper on my iPad. I just purchased a laptop without an optical drive. Almost all content I consume is digital. It is a great time to be at an digital marketing company like Ingenex while the digital world is evolving rapidly.

Despite the amount of digital consumption of media, I am still and will always be a huge fan of print media. I love the feel of good quality paper stock. The vibrancy of ink printed on paper. However, the transition to digital media is inevitable.  Consuming content digitally is eco friendly (something we love to be here at Ingenex!) The amount of paper I saved this year alone by purchasing textbooks on my iPad is huge. There is no shipping either when content is purchased digitally – just one click and done. Digital consumption is just more convenient. I don’t have to waste resources driving over Barnes & Noble to get a book, wait for a textbook to be delivered from Amazon, or worry that my monthly issue of Vogue is not going to make it to my doorstep. Besides being eco friendly, digital content is inherently social. It is super easy to share an interesting article read on a tablet. Humans are naturally social beings, and digital media makes it that much easier.

I am eager to learn about all things digital since digital and social media are taking over our lives. During my internship at Ingenex, I hope to grow and strengthen my knowledge of digital marketing. I am looking forward to applying skills learned to a my future career!

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