Digital Marketing Internship Summer 2009

Ingenex Digital Marketing is looking for 5 or so quality interns for Summer 2009 Eco-Friendly Digital Marketing Internship. This internship is a combination of networking, real life experience, face time in a professional office, and training on digital media. It rocks! And it won’t take too much of your time.

You come to Ann Arbor once a week to work for 2.5 hours. You learn about all forms of digital media. You work for real clients and non-profits. And you do the rest from the comfort of your apartment, library or coffee shop. It’s a low emission, kind internship for people who want to grow in the digital space.

If you have the goods – apply to this post. We will accept applications through April 15. The next class of interns will begin May 18. Please apply to the internship in a variety of ways. Make a comment on this blog post with why you feel your a good candidate. Connect w/ me on Linkedin and ask for an intersnhip. Be creative online and get our attention. It may just pay off for you.

This Could be You!

Also, if you’re not looking for an internship consider taking the New Media Drivers License course at Michigan State University. It will rock your world.

8 thoughts on “Digital Marketing Internship Summer 2009

  1. This internship program looks unreal, I have had a deep passion for new online media and technology in general my whole life and I think I can really add some value to the team, either for this upcoming summer term or even next fall, I will fwd my resume over.

  2. I would love to be apart of this internship. I believe digital is the way to go when it comes to the future of marketing and advertising, and to be apart of an internship involved with digital would be very beneficial for me.

    I would also be beneficial to Ingenex using my leadership and work ethic to make the most of this summer’s internship. I will make sure to send my resume to you as soon as possible.

  3. I would love the opportunity to gain hands on experience in the social media field of advertising and marketing. The future of the ad industry is definitely headed in the digital direction.

    I think i would greatly benefit from an internship at Ingenex and achieve valuable lessons that are impossible to learn inside the classroom.

    Thanks for your time and consideration, i will send my resume over this week.

  4. Hi Derek,

    I am interested in a possible internship with Ingenex this summer. I am a good candidate because I have a zeal to learn more about digital marketing. I have skills such as setting goals and achieving them and analyzing data that can be useful in a business environment. I will get in touch with you through LinkedIn soon.

  5. Hello again,

    I am very eager to participate in an internship with Ingenex. I can offer fire, strength, and style.
    A summer internship will allow my professional experinces to grow in-step with an ever expanding industry.

    I will follow up by sending an updated version of my resume and cover letter.

  6. Hello, my name is Kayla Smith. I have one more semester a Schoolcraft College before I get my associates degree and transfer to Wayne State University for Marketing. I currently work at a law firm as a legal secretary/clerk. For the past 4 years of working here I always encouraged a greener way of working and since then we have been using less paper and instead of storing boxes and boxes of closed files we now scanned them to our hard drive and recycle all the documents. I have a very creative side to me and would love to express it more but sadly my work environment doesn’t let me use much of creativity. I really would like a chance to be an intern with your company and think it would be a great learning experience and I think what your company is going is great! Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!

  7. My name is Paul Kanan and I’m a new mediaholic. I believe I would be a perfect fit for the Eco Friendly Internship because I am an alumnus of Michigan State University’s founding New Media Drivers License class. Furthermore, ever since the NMDL course ended just a couple of weeks ago I have felt a void in my life that can only be filled with the Eco Friendly Internship. As you can see, the Eco Friendly Internship and I need one another. Thank you for your consideration.

  8. Hi Derek,

    I could have not picked a better time to stumble upon this internship opportunity. I am a PR major and advertising minor at Central Michigan University, and all I have been hearing this year from teachers and guest speakers is digital, digital, digital. I am absolutely fascinated by the concept of digital media. I’m facebooking, tweeting, blogging…Anything I can do to stay ahead of the ever-moving curve. This internship would be absolutely incredible. I have an entire digital media portfolio that I would love to go over with you. Ironically enough, I am also attending a digital media forum tonight hosted by CMU to become even more savvy in the field. I look forward to contacting you with further details via LinkedIn.

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