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The other day I came across a TV show on TLC called ‘Extreme Couponing’. These people would literally purchase between 4 to 8 full carts of groceries and leave spending about $50.00 dollars tops. I was shocked, the people watching it with me were shocked and the grocery store staff on TV was shocked! These extreme couponers kept their own large stockpiles of the goods they bought at their homes which required full size rooms. How did they do this?!

Some of the shopoholics went dumpster diving for Sunday news papers to gather coupons, others collected Sunday papers from peoples porches, but they all had one thing in common. They used the internet to print off coupons. This is a full time job, there average person cannot print off hundreds of coupons that will work together to bring a 1000 dollar bill down to 50 dollars, this takes hours. Thanks to Facebook (which seems to be a solution to everything these days) extreme couponer’s can ‘like’ their favorite brands and get an instant coupon. This is good for the brands too because they gather instant demographic information as well as potential instant wall feedback. Huge brands usually pay for this type of information but with Facebook’s pool of over 500 million registered users they may not longer have to. Facebook gives the brands valuable insight which is a very important factor in their marketing efforts. The users get a quick discount on their products.  This is one quick and reliable resource for extreme couponers to use in addition to the many they find from hours of scouring the web.


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