Ingenex Welcomes New Web Developer

Ingenex Digital Marketing has recently welcomed John Wright as their new Web Developer, where he designs, redesigns and maintains websites for Ingenex and their clients. Purely self-taught, Wright has an extensive CSS, HTML, WordPress, and Web Developing background. Wright’s career began when he created interactive MySpace profiles that impressed a wide-spread of MySpace users. When discovering how popular his designs were, Wright learned how to use CSS, HTML, and PHP to create a dynamic website for customers to purchase these profile designs from.

John Wright - Web Developer

Wright found out about the job opening from his aunt who attended a LA2M Marketing Education event, and he applied shortly after. Impressed with Wright’s profile and learning about his independent web developing background, Ingenex warmly welcomed Wright to the team.

Interested in a career with Ingenex? To find out about current job openings, please visit:

Using StumbleUpon’s New Ad System as a Marketing Tool

With 20 million members, StumbleUpon helps users to discover and share the best of the web. As you rate websites, your interest is shared with other like-minded users. The StumbleUpon experience is about seeing the exact content you want to see.

StumbleUpon has introduced a new ad system, titled Paid Discovery. Users can choose to use this system as a way to post their website to the constant stream of content that users are “stumbling” onto. Up to 5% of stumbles are dedicated to Paid Discovery. The system guarantees the right audience is landing on your content. An ad is not created. Your website is the ad.

What content is StumbleUpon Paid Discovery looking for? The StumbleUpon community wants to see photos, articles, videos, experiences that them smile, laugh, or in thought. Entertaining, informative, and visually appealing content works the best with users as more scores will rise in your favor, thus increasing the chance your content goes viral.

If you do choose to start a marketing campaign with Paid Discovery, there are different options for how quickly and how many users will reach your content. The engagement of users are measured carefully as you are only charged for the users who engage in your content at the level you specified. Factors that play into this include time spent, share rate, page interaction, activity, etc.

The benefits of using Paid Discovery are worth the awareness you will produce. The system will guarantee
discoveries, reach an engaged audience in relevant traffic, and pay for only the unique visitors you targeted.

Google and Facebook the Better, Faster, Stronger

In the digital world, companies challenge each other to be the better, faster, stronger.  The competition is escalating and Google and Facebook are advancing. How do they maintain this success? Because they cater to the public by constantly improving their applications and making them even more simple and user-friendly.
Just in time for the school year, Google updated some of its major applications like Google Docs, Calendar, and Sites by improving accessibility, for example the addition of short cut keys. Also in Google Docs there used to be only one way to share a document and people could edit right on the page. Well now there is a comment only access to Docs, so now you can have friends look at your document without ever having to worry about them editing your original.
How many times have you gone on your Facebook account and you are dazed by the new design and format of the social networking site. Facebook is incessantly changing and the newest latest and greatest is the introduction of Timeline, it is a new type of profile that highlights the greatest moments of you that has been recorded on Facebook.  You have full control on what is on your Timeline profile and even old friends can easily catch up on your life. Stay tuned this application is available in a few weeks from now, possibly the same time as the release of the iPhone 5!

Google+ Project: The Future of Social Networking?

Search engine giant Google launched their very own social networking service on Tuesday. The Google+ Project attempts to take a bite out of, and possibly rip the head off of menacing social networking superstar Facebook. Parasitic social networking sites are rapidly invading Google’s territory, as Facebook and Twitter absorb the traffic once reserved for Google. Social networks cripple Google’s infrastructure by depriving important information from the systems used to enhance Web search and Google AdWords.

Google+ Project surpasses any other social networking attempt made by the company in the past. Standard social sharing is taken to the next level, converting the typical social networking mass communication model into a more personalized small group, real-life communication experience.Users can create separate communication groups between friends, family, acquaintances, ex-boyfriends, frenemies, roommates, running buddies, co-workers, etc., into “Circles.” Circles is a Google+ Project feature uses a drag and drop method and simplifies standard practices used on other social networks to dividing friends, foes and co-workers into individual sharing networks.

The iPhone and Android mobile applications for Google+ are very similar to the web version of Google+, making sharing and communicating easy and fluid. Users won’t have to use four different applications to share information or chat with friends in different ways. The magnitude of Google’s Web and mobile presence is enough to make smaller start-ups and mobile developers quiver in their boots. Add the element of social sharing into the mix and Google could potentially destroy its social networking competitors.

Fusing together content sharing, group video chat, video and photo sharing and a mobile app is an impressive start for Google’s social networking future. Google+ Project combines Internet social sharing habits into one centralized place where messages can be controlled and disseminated in real-life fashion. Google+ Project is still in its field trial period and more innovations and changes are expected. It will be interesting to see if Google’s search engine marketing skills will match their social media marketing abilities.

New York Times: Another Try by Google to Take On Facebook

The Google+ Project

Katy Perry Last Friday Night a Hit!

Katy Perry pulled out all the stops for her 2011 Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) Video. The video is jammed packed with 80s heartthrob’s, 90s teen pop sensations, Internet memes and Kenny G?

Brace faced frizzy haired Kathy Beth Terry, played by Katey Perry, wakes up to find herself next to a buff young male and a fuzzy memory of the night before. Perry used social media marketing to promote the music video’s main character Kathy Beth Terry, who’s Facebook fan page is packed with links of 80s and 90s teen heart throbs like Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT), viral videos created by Kathy Beth herself and video clips of the boy band Hanson.

Katy Perry – Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

The music video features Kathy Beth Terry getting a makeover from the Friday queen herself Rebecca Black, Hanson playing in the backyard and a saxophone solo from Kenny G. Darren Criss (Blaine) and Kevin McHale (Artie) from “Glee” make an appearance along with other famous stars from the past and present.

Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) is a hilarious play on teen geek-to-chic movie’s. Who knew Rebecca Black was such a party animal. As a Katy Perry fan I give this music video is a must-see and I give it two thumbs up!

Entertainment & Stars: Katy Perry’s ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)’ Features Rebecca Black as Hostess (VIDEO)

Weber’s Inn Reveals Their New Website!

Weber’s Inn, the boutique hotel in Ann Arbor, MI, unveiled their new, and much improved website today. Speaking as someone who very much enjoys Weber’s Restuarant, and checks the website often, this is a great relief. The site before was adequate, but now it is enjoyable. The design is beautiful, and it so easy to navigate. Everything is clearly marked and organized and easy to find.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Weber’s, it consists of three major entities: Weber’s Inn, Weber’s Restaurant, and The Habitat Ultralounge. One of the great things about this new site is that it clearly distinguishes between the three places and makes it easy to tell them apart. On the old site everything looked the same, which is so unlike the three very distinct parts.

Weber’s Inn: The deluxe, full service Hotel, Restaurant, Banquet & Conference property, founded in 1937 by Herman Weber,  is still owned and operated by the Weber family. It has been a staple in the Ann Arbor area for over 80 years and offers stylish surroundings, comfortable beds, and deluxe amenities in a classic setting. In a work of true design genius the website reflects the style of the hotel to a tee, presenting a modern layout and features with a classic design. In addition to the aesthetics, the Weber’s Inn page offers clear communication of features and amenities, and provides a very easy interface for making reservations.

Weber’s Restaurant: Perhaps my favorite part of the hotel, Weber’s Restaurant offers fine dining in Ann Arbor at a reasonable price, something that isn’t easy to find. Their juicy steaks and vast selection of wine are perfect on a dreary winter night. The restaurant is warm and inviting and, again, their page of the site reflects that perfectly. Like the hotel, the restaurant’s page is clearly organized and even has a section that allows you to make reservations without any hassle. Their menus are posted on the site and there are even several mouthwatering pictures of some of their popular dishes.

The Habitat Ultralounge: The Habitat Ultralounge is a fun, modern place with live music, great food, and a fully stocked bar. It is a great place to be on a Friday or Saturday night and have some fun with friends. The design of the page reflects the vibrancy of the lounge perfectly. The pages is informative and clearly lists all of the upcoming events and specials.

In addition to the three main areas of the website there is also a very clear and organized events and catering section. It truly is a well rounded and beautifully designed site. It is definitely a great improvement from before.