LEDs For Retail Lighting

Lighting makes a big difference to your customers and to how well your products are displayed, and every good retailer knows that things are more likely to sell if they’re well-displayed. LED accent lighting is a smart choice for displaying your product.

LED accent lighting is cost-effective; it may have a larger initial cost, but it will pay for itself. Other lightbulbs output most of their energy as heat; up to 90% for conventional bulbs, and 80% for CFLs. LEDs remain much cooler and are more efficient; most of the energy output of an LED is light instead of heat. Because LEDs use much less energy and are more energy-efficient, you will also see a savings on your energy bills.

LED accent lighting also retains its efficiency at a wide range of temperatures, making it ideal for use in freezer case displays and outdoors. And because they are dimmable and more controllable than fluorescent lighting, you can set them on timers and sensors that activate when a customer walks by, saving energy and creating an ambience. LEDs also are much cooler than halogen or fluorescent bulbs, avoiding problems if your customer happens to come in contact with the bulb itself when reaching for a product.

LED accent lighting is more environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient than traditional fluorescent lighting, and emits a more pleasing, “purer” light, which makes your products and displays look better to your customers.

Virtual Trade Show of OSRAM-OS at Lightfair 2010

Ingenex, a Michigan digital marketing agency, has launched a new section of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ LED Light site. This new section is dedicated to LIGHTFAIR International 2010, the lighting trade show to be held in Las Vegas, May 12-14, and is a virtual trade show of OSRAM on the show floor.

Through the virtual trade show, users will be continuously updated with content leading up to LIGHTFAIR and during the expo. The people at Ingenex will be attending in person and will be updating the virtual trade show with on-site social media content including LED news, blog posts from OSRAM Opto Semiconductor lighting experts, video updates and Flickr photo streams. They will also be ustreaming live coverage from the OSRAM booth.

An innovative product that OSRAM-OS will be showcasing is their cutting-edge ORBEOS OLED technology, which is organic LED. With its new emitting technology it is inspiring and provides a new platform for architects and lighting designers.

More than 19,000 design, lighting, architectural, and engineering professionals are expected to attend LIGHTFAIR International. The gathering is both a trade show and an educational event. More than 500 exhibitors will display their products and services. LIGHTFAIR also offers 70 courses covering all areas of lighting technology.

Visit the OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Lightfair 2010 page at: http://ledlight.osram-os.com/lightfair2010.