Facebook Takes You Back

The Ghost of Facebook Past

The Ghost of Facebook Past

Do you remember what you were doing a year ago today? Two years ago today? Facebook has recently released a feature that shows what you posted as your status exactly one or two years previous to the current date.

Sounds like a cool idea at first, but then I started thinking about things that people post on their statuses.

For some days, I’m sure this feature is great. Reading a status about a great weekend that you had, a shopping trip, a family vacation, or a friend’s wedding can bring back some great memories. What about the not-so-great ones? Facebook is a great way to keep in contact with friends and family, and I often see status updates about people’s family or friends who have been in a tragic accident or who have passed away. These are not things that we need to be reminded of by Facebook.

If you’re interested in exploring this feature, it occasionally pops up in the top, right-hand corner of your page, where you would see friends’ birthdays or suggested friends. You will also be shown past status updates from your friends. There are still some kinks in this feature, as it is fairly new (only released in the past few days).

It is unsure if this feature has a purpose or if it is just another feature for users to engage with Facebook. It may even be a way to remind users that they have invested a lot of time into Facebook to keep them from switching to something new and different.

Facebook and Twitter Additction OK

In high school and early years of college my Facebook addiction appeared to distract me from what many others thought I “should” be focusing on. As I got older my Facebook addiction led to a fascination with Twitter and other forms of social media. Suddenly I was studying social media and digital public relations strategies in school. Within three years my degree in public relations went from cool to awesome. I was taking innovative journalism classes tailored to social media strategies and search engine optimization and all things digital. Was this too good to be true? Can I really make a career out of this?

Photo: DirJournal.com

It turns out you can. And there is quite the demand for digital agencies and social media strategist as the digital revolution continues to grow according to The Detroit News article, Aging Nation, Technology Give Rise to Five Hot Jobs. There is real value in social and digital and more and more people are recognizing that. The job market is fierce and there is good news for college students. According to The Detroit News Article. “By 2018 a million new jobs expected to be created.”  I don’t know if fate or luck or destiny brought me to my current internship in the digital marketing field, but the future is looking nice for me and for the digital agency.

The Detroit News: Aging Nation, Technology Give Rise to Five Hot Jobs

Kidney Exchanged for Apple iPad 2

The phrase, “that’s going to cost me an arm and a leg,” typically means something is going to cost a large sum of money. For 17-year-old Zheng, a high school freshman in China, that expression took on a more literal meaning…only a Kidney.

Zheng really wanted an iPad 2, but didn’t have enough money so he did the unthinkable and sold his kidney. I’ll repeat that. He sold his his kidney. The majority of student’s would save up for this kind of purchase but Zheng couldn’t wait. After coming in contact with a kidney-selling agent on the internet he decided that risking his life for 20,000 yen ($3K USD) was a pretty great deal. Zheng had the operation, received his money and returned home with more than one new Apple gadget.

Photo: MyChinaViews.com

His mother became very suspicious and reported her son to authorities, ultimately exposing Zheng’s secret kidney transplant.The hospital Zheng claims to have had his surgery at is denying any connection to the 17-year-old and authorities haven’t been able to contact any one involved in the organ transplant fiasco.

It seems Zheng is getting the last laugh here as he enjoys his new toys. After reading this article I wondered how many illegal organ transplants go unreported? Who are the recipients of these organs? Are the iphone mobile applications worth it? How far would you go to get what you wanted? I just hope Zheng doesn’t find another organ-selling agent online and another part of his body to sell in a year when his Apple gadgets are out of date.

The Next Web: Chinese student reportedly sells his kidney to buy an iPad 2

Weber’s Inn Reveals Their New Website!

Weber’s Inn, the boutique hotel in Ann Arbor, MI, unveiled their new, and much improved website today. Speaking as someone who very much enjoys Weber’s Restuarant, and checks the website often, this is a great relief. The site before was adequate, but now it is enjoyable. The design is beautiful, and it so easy to navigate. Everything is clearly marked and organized and easy to find.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Weber’s, it consists of three major entities: Weber’s Inn, Weber’s Restaurant, and The Habitat Ultralounge. One of the great things about this new site is that it clearly distinguishes between the three places and makes it easy to tell them apart. On the old site everything looked the same, which is so unlike the three very distinct parts.

Weber’s Inn: The deluxe, full service Hotel, Restaurant, Banquet & Conference property, founded in 1937 by Herman Weber,  is still owned and operated by the Weber family. It has been a staple in the Ann Arbor area for over 80 years and offers stylish surroundings, comfortable beds, and deluxe amenities in a classic setting. In a work of true design genius the website reflects the style of the hotel to a tee, presenting a modern layout and features with a classic design. In addition to the aesthetics, the Weber’s Inn page offers clear communication of features and amenities, and provides a very easy interface for making reservations.

Weber’s Restaurant: Perhaps my favorite part of the hotel, Weber’s Restaurant offers fine dining in Ann Arbor at a reasonable price, something that isn’t easy to find. Their juicy steaks and vast selection of wine are perfect on a dreary winter night. The restaurant is warm and inviting and, again, their page of the site reflects that perfectly. Like the hotel, the restaurant’s page is clearly organized and even has a section that allows you to make reservations without any hassle. Their menus are posted on the site and there are even several mouthwatering pictures of some of their popular dishes.

The Habitat Ultralounge: The Habitat Ultralounge is a fun, modern place with live music, great food, and a fully stocked bar. It is a great place to be on a Friday or Saturday night and have some fun with friends. The design of the page reflects the vibrancy of the lounge perfectly. The pages is informative and clearly lists all of the upcoming events and specials.

In addition to the three main areas of the website there is also a very clear and organized events and catering section. It truly is a well rounded and beautifully designed site. It is definitely a great improvement from before.