Happy Birthday #Ingenex7!

Yesterday, Ingenex Digital Marketing celebrated seven years of successful hard work by throwing a birthday bash. This special moment couldn’t have been celebrated in without the family and friends that are so supportive and motivational for us to continue to do our job.

Ingenex's Friends

The band Corndaddy brought the great sound of country rock to the party. Inspired by Willie Nelson, Buck Owens, the Byrds and other classic groups, the refreshing music chilled out our guests from the hot weather.


The parents brought their babies and children making the event very family oriented. Parents didn’t have to worry about their children as they took over the conference room and watched Disney movies and ate delicious food from Katherine’s Catering services. With great drinks we were able to toast with the Ingenex family in the new office.

Watching the Incredbiles

This celebration is shows that entrepreneurship and dedication goes a long way with the dedication of a team that roll up the sleeves every single day to meet the needs of their clients. With this spirit and mentality, I am certain we’ll see many more celebrations in the future!