Better Late Than Never

I guess you could say when it comes to interns, I’m kind of an oddball. Not many interns are 24 and two years out of college!

I graduated two years ago from Albion College with a degree in English (creative writing, specifically), and assumed that I would complete my teaching certification at Eastern and be a licensed teacher by this time. Lots of credit to public school teachers, because I found it wasn’t for me, and I saw an opportunity in social media marketing when I realized that many of my favorite companies were suddenly using Twitter as a marketing tool!

“I’ve been using Twitter for just about forever, how can I get into this?”


I’ve been working for a very popular fruit stand for almost two years now, and during my time there, a coworker friend named Erin was hired by this company called Ingenex, and told me I should interview for something called the “Eco-Friendly Internship”. I’m not one to turn down a good opportunity, so Erin introduced me to the company CEO, Derek¬†Mehraban. We talked about the practical applications of Twitter, Facebook, WordPress – everything companies are using now to connect to their potential clients and customers.

I’m very excited about being here at Ingenex, and hope to learn a lot more about search engine marketing, search engine optimization, and digital PR marketing in general, and most importantly, getting my hands on the ins and outs of using social media tools for business.

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