Stay Savvy and Keep Frosty

It is important to always stay savvy and keep frosty. Working for Ingenex Digital Marketing taught me just that.
The world is constantly changing, Technology is constantly changing, and the demands of the client must be met with the utmost innovative solutions, regardless of whatever industry you are in.

Creativity often creates innovation, but lately it seems as if the advance of technology is innovative in itself. Mobile marketing is the next big thing. I have witnessed a lot of change in technology by just working here at Ingenex that I would never have noticed before. I now have a sharp eye for catching tech. and figuring out how to use it for my industry to deliver the clients message.

Right now on Facebook president Obama is addressing questions from normal citizens like you and I. Revolutions around the world  happened as we witnessed on Twitter. This is a new form of communication and everyone is using it. It is integrated with any piece of tech that has access to the internet. Xbox, TV, PS2, Phones, Tablets, ETC. Advertisers need to promote their clients brands on these new mediums.

Mobile has gone global. According to Google there are over 2 billion users of mobile phones. These phones might not all be smart phones yet, but they are becoming smart phones. People are transitioning to these phones and they will become standard in a few years.

One of the most valuable things about what I am writing on here is that Small businesses now have the ability to connect/advertise with the same amount of people as multi-million dollar corporations. They do not have to spend millions of dollars on advertising to reach the consumer. The playing field is now EVEN. But do they know? Most of the older small business owners are hearing about these new mediums on their news stations, finally. Some do not know though, the potential is huge.

As I go off into the future I intend to always stay savvy and keep frosty for those reasons I mentioned above. I never want to drag my feet and fall in a routine because how will I innovate?

Thanks for reading all, Ingenex was a great experience but more importantly I did some real work here that helped out some clients deliver their brand message.

Youtube VS TV

Recently a new music video was released on Youtube by Dr. Dre featuring Eminem, check it out below.

I immediately notice the Ferrari logo, the HP logo on a tabloid computer, and a bottle of G2 Gatorade. These products/logos were not placed in this video accidentally. In marketing this is called product placement and product placement as we see now exists in music videos on Youtube. This is just another fact that reinforces using Youtube as a channel of communication to your consumers. The Video already has over 12 million views, and this is 100 % effective exposure because people watch this video to see it, its not like they were watching TV and it just popped on. They actually typed it in, or clicked through a link to see it.  HP, Gatorade, and Ferrari made an intelligent move by probably funding most of this video but having their Brand logos clearly placed in the video. After Dre gets done with an impressive fit work out we see him drink a bottle of G2 Gatorade. I’m sure this sold a lot of the people that watched it.

The best thing yet, if you are still not convinced that Youtube is a powerful advertising channel, which may be in fact more powerful than TV is that this Video will stay around forever, people will share it, and engage in conversation in it with each other. It’s not going anywhere I’m sure 5 years from now that video will still be getting hits, and guess what? The HP Tabloid W/ LOGO, Bottle of Gatorade, and Ferrari will still be there for millions of more people to see. If this was TV we would be talking about some music channel that most likely does not have 12 million people watching it, if it was a commercial then it would be very costly and would cost more each time it ran. This is obvious though, it may seem like common sense to us younger people in marketing but older people (the really old ones) might not be so sure yet. I know though that if I had my own business I would be reaching out to consumers with Youtube videos and drive traffic through Twitter!

Be Aware of Spokeo The Creepiest Social Media Aggregator!

No it is not Halloween but this website is so darn spooky I had to bring it up on the blog. It is called Spokeo and it is online white pages. This website is a stalkers dream come true.  I am not kidding. Spookeo aggregates information from your social media websites. Everything you include on your social networking sites is recorded and aggregated by Spokeo such as phone numbers, email, descriptions, locations etc. Then the important stuff Spokeo finds to help locate/describe you is compiled into a Spokeo page under your name. Even the images of your parents House (and current house) along with a very detailed map are conveniently provided by Google (THANKS) and displayed to the stalker that  searches you courtesy of Spokeo.  So here is how it works. The stalker enters a persons name or email address to locate whom they please. So for example a stalker could pull a name of a famous person, or a random person from say… A student directory, a website, or even a Facebook page. Then all they have to do is simply type it in and if they have an idea of what state the person they are stalking is located in, it is game over. IT GETS CREEPIER THAN THAT.

I Searched my name “Sean Schwartz” and Clicked Michigan. In seconds I found my Mothers house address, along with the value of the house, a picture, a map to the house, address, phone number, siblings & parents (with similar information), relationship status, age, hobbies, social profiles ETC.  Needless to say I am glad I Googled my name but should you find yourself on this website and trust me you are, immediately go to and get yourself off there.

Social Networking is Communication on Massive Scale

Social Networking on the internet has been around for a long time but in its earliest forms I remember MySpace was the place to go. It’s funny how things have changed so much, people join social networks to stay connected with their friends and family during all times of the day and just recently companies realized they can harness the power of social networking to connect on a personal level with their consumers, as if a giant rock fell from the sky and hit them on the head. Everywhere I go I see the Facebook logo in store windows. I was even driving on the road and to my surprise I saw a giant Facebook logo on in a gas station window. Marketing firms have been integrating social media into their services as a channel of communication and that is what it is. It all comes down to ‘Communication’ whether it is on a global scale fueling a revolution in Egypt or a company like Old Spice repositioning itself and connecting personally with its consumers. It is communication with a market segment of over 500 Million people and counting.

So where will it go from here and what will we see next? I hate to bring Google into this but we have to. Facebook has all of our personal information (demographics) and knows what we like (interests) but Google knows what we do on the internet, exactly what we do. I am sure that these places are selling our information to marketing firms as I write this, to be honest they kind of already offer some of it for free to the registered business accounts on their sites its called ‘insight’ and lets registered businesses know everything we do on their pages from the amount of time we spend on them to the items we click. I think as new technology continues to develop that social networking will become further integrated into our lives. Lets look at some examples. TV’s, Videogame consoles, and Smartphones have Facebook/Twitter apps now. I cannot wait until the day when I wake up and I can access my Facebook page from my refrigerator or better yet my toaster!!! People also start to think that since these websites are so popular that they will start charging money to register a simple user account. I doubt that would ever happen. Why would a website charge money to a consumer when it can charge money to the business trying to connect with that free user? It doesn’t make any sense, so it wont happen.  If you are wondering what else will happen on these websites just remember anything is possible because it is uncensored communication on a massive level… This is why I was not surprised at all when I found out Twitter was used to start and continue  a revolution in Egypt. Of course it was it is communication on a massive level between thousands of upset youthful Egyptians.

Coupons Go on Facebook

The other day I came across a TV show on TLC called ‘Extreme Couponing’. These people would literally purchase between 4 to 8 full carts of groceries and leave spending about $50.00 dollars tops. I was shocked, the people watching it with me were shocked and the grocery store staff on TV was shocked! These extreme couponers kept their own large stockpiles of the goods they bought at their homes which required full size rooms. How did they do this?!

Some of the shopoholics went dumpster diving for Sunday news papers to gather coupons, others collected Sunday papers from peoples porches, but they all had one thing in common. They used the internet to print off coupons. This is a full time job, there average person cannot print off hundreds of coupons that will work together to bring a 1000 dollar bill down to 50 dollars, this takes hours. Thanks to Facebook (which seems to be a solution to everything these days) extreme couponer’s can ‘like’ their favorite brands and get an instant coupon. This is good for the brands too because they gather instant demographic information as well as potential instant wall feedback. Huge brands usually pay for this type of information but with Facebook’s pool of over 500 million registered users they may not longer have to. Facebook gives the brands valuable insight which is a very important factor in their marketing efforts. The users get a quick discount on their products.  This is one quick and reliable resource for extreme couponers to use in addition to the many they find from hours of scouring the web.


Advertising Now and Then….

The ad industry is changing faster than ever. New positions are constantly emerging as consumers are increasingly staying connected through advancements in  technology. Old positions are fading out. The big traditional agencies are building their new digital departments in their buildings as I type this right now because it is less cost effective and cohesive to outsource digital experts. Some items on the new menu include: Digital applications, big interactive touch screen display ads that people can walk up to and manipulate with their hands, aggressive search engine marketing campaigns (paid per click/organic), social media presence and integration between digital/traditional campaigns digitally savvy people to produce.

For me this provides a valuable lesson that I will take with me where ever I go in life. Always be innovative no matter what your career is. The second you get comfortable with anything you fall into a routine, and develop a one sided way of thinking. Some people today classify and group others who posses traits into one category:  Dinosaurs. What happened to the dinosaur? While one of the most biggest & powerful creatures on Earth at one time they became extinct. What I am trying to say is that any professional, especially a professional in advertising has to change with the times.

Right now more prospects spend more time on the internet than on their TV. This is a fact and a new trend!!! I have no idea who reads news papers anymore… Maybe 60 year old grandpas? If my generation wants to ”read” (which most of us don’t like doing, some of us have forgot how) we pull out our smart phone or computer and Google or Youtube it. Personally I Youtube it now, it’s not like I am too lazy to read but if I can have someone who made a video showing me the news or showing me how to do something new I am all for it. I like to learn by experience, not through reading black and white text. Google brings up Youtube results anyway!! So all you young people take this lesson with you into adulthood and all you old people start learning new things!

Martino Home Improvement Constructs New Driveways and Patios in Oakland County and Ann Arbor Michigan

If you are looking to add some curb appeal with a new driveway in Ann Arbor or upgrade your homes driveways and patios in Oakland County then Matrino Home Improvements is the company for you. For over 30 years the company has been servicing the entire Southeastern Michigan area.  No job is too big or small, Matrino Home Improvements will repair or replace roofing, windows, concrete, siding, gutters, driveways, patios, or insulation. They are committed to 100% customer satisfaction from the start, to the finish, to the future, and nothing less.

Martino Home Improvements is competitively priced, does meet deadlines ahead of schedule, thoroughly inspects each individualized job multiple times, keeps the construction site free of debris so it does not interfere with your living space, pays attention to every small detail, and offers an unmatched no-questions asked service policy until the customer is completely satisfied.

For a home improvement company this translates to one thing, innovation. Martino Home Improvements changed their product category through innovation. They are not just another home improvement company that does the job quickly. Martino Home Improvements offers an enhanced service that no competitor can match. Throughout the duration of the construction process the company will stand by and personally answer all of the questions a customer may have. Give them a call today!

Google Search Engine Optimization Tips

SEO is a very powerful thing anyone can do to get their blog or website placed on the first page of relevant search results on Google. The right kind of SEO is a timely process and does not happen over night but once you get it right your blog or website will stand out amongst hundreds of links just like the red apple in the picture.

Here are some of the basics for bloggers and web developers: Stand out, be bold with important key words, use the bold tags for keywords once or twice a within the body of your text. This will allow users to navigate your site easier too! External Linking, I cannot stress how important this one is. Make sure most of the pages on your website or blog are externally linked from other websites. Almost every page on your website or blog should have a link coming into it from a different website. The variety of links will add significant weight to your content to all search engines. Create a Sitemap, this is a separate HTML document that acts as a directory for your website. What this does is it makes it easier for any spiderbot from Google to      crawl your website and index it faster. Avoid Flash at all costs, Flash developed websites look great but you cannot link     to  a single page so search engines cannot rank your page as easy as a linked based website. Image Alt Descriptions images on a website are cool but they must have keyword rich Alt Tags for effective optimization. Content, Content, Content! Add more daily, if you don’t your website will quickly fall in the page ranks and your subscribers or readers will stop visiting. A quick fix for bloggers and developers that don’t have time to add content daily is RSS Feeds, Really Simple Syndication can frequently freshen your website, page, or blog with no effort. This is a must for everyone. Social Media Integration, this is a simple often overlooked concept. Integrate your social media with your website it drives traffic from each of your websites to the others and adds SEO weight.

These are just some quick tips to get started and organized with your SEO effort. Before you even start any project though it is important to define your target market so your can centralize your SEO efforts around that market which will insure the accuracy of your keywords, descriptions, links, and content.

Improve Social Media Content Strategy

Add more daily to keep people coming!

A successful social media strategy must have a strong base and steady flow of relevant content that engages the target audience. Content strategists typically produce content that solves the audiences problems, entertains, and or educates them in some way. This general rule of thumb has experienced success in the past because people will keep coming back to your page for more, it will keep them engaged in your brand. It is important that a content strategy is developed prior to the implementation of the new media campaign. So here are 5 Key Tips for a Successful Social Media Content Strategy.

Tip #1 Have a consistent tone of voice for your brand.

– Branding is personality and the personality of your brand should be reflected within your social media content. This adds consistency to your brand and is the primary reason for engagement with your audience.

Tip #2 Release your content at the right times.

– This can be accomplished by creating a chart or calender of what you are going to say and when you are going to say it. For example you want your content to be relevant to where people are in life and the season.

-Tip #3 Know who your talking to!

– This may be a traditional marketing rule. “Know everything about your target audience” but the same applies to new media. Certain types of content will attract certain types of audiences. The type of content you produce determines the type of people who follow your brand online, and why they click the like button.

-Tip #4 Be a problem solver

-Everyone is connected so everyone is on the internet at all times and it is only growing. People experience problems daily. So produce content that is consistent with your brand, your message, and your unique selling point but tweak the content so that it gives people the tools/knowledge to solve their daily problems and they will keep coming back for more.  This technique adds equity to brands.

-Tip #5 Honesty

-It is human nature to exaggerate or tell a little white lie here and there but for a content strategy to be successful it must be honest. The internet has given consumers hundreds of answers through blog posts, and other websites. If your content is not truthful people will find out and switch brands or ignore you. If the content is truthful this will develop trust between your brand and the consumer encouraging the most powerful form of advertising for your brand.

Word of Mouth.

At a place like Ingenex Digital Marketing several different new media content strategies are developed for companies that not only increase followers/fans but drive traffic to websites through SEO  and more check it out.