In the Spotlight: Interior LED Lighting

The potential for interior LED lighting are limitless as they are built for efficiency, consume less energy, and long lasting. The use for this type of lighting in both commercial and residential space is infinite. LED lighting is the core for popular applications such as downlights, retrofit lighting, and architectural lighting.

With over 500 million downlights installed in US households and over 200 million downlights sold each year, the potential for energy savings with interior LED lighting are great. Their efficiency is ideal for corporate and retail applications. Downlights are also generally used as ambient lighting in homes and offices, which both are filled with incandescent, halogen, and compact fluorescent lamps to help light needed areas. With their directional light, instant on and ability to dim, LED retrofit lamps can be direct replacements to significantly save on energy. The retrofit design delivers long life and can be designed in a variety of color temperatures from warm white to cool white.

LEDs are not only perfect for interior LED lighting, but also the light source of choice when it comes to the architecture for eco-friendly buildings and structures. As a sustainable light source, LEDs do not contain mercury or other hazardous materials. It is a lighting designer’s dream where LEDs can be used to create aesthetic appeal for both internal and external applications.

Whether it may for home, office, or for architectural purposes, interior LED lighting provides the cost savings, efficiency, and durability to match your needs.

New Resource Guide a Must-Read for New Media

If you are looking to understand social media marketing, search engine optimization, blogging, digital public relations, Google, and more, you are in luck. Richard T. Cole, professor of public relations at Michigan State University and Derek Mehraban, owner of Ingenex Digital Marketing, have combined their expertise to bring you the resource guide to be successful in new media. Titled New Media Driver’s License: Using Social Media for More Productive Business and Marketing Communications, this book will better equip you to build your own personal brand, help to market your products, start a blog, write public relations news releases, master social media websites, and much more.

Why is new media so important? New media is the answer to the on-demand access to content at any time, any where, on any digital device. Educating yourself in the new media ways will give you the advantage on the evolving world of digital media. Keep up with companies who are also learning to adapt to these new forms of media in strive to create an edge for themselves. Employers will be looking for prospective employees with knowledge in new media. This resource guide is your tool to accomplishing just that.

Using StumbleUpon’s New Ad System as a Marketing Tool

With 20 million members, StumbleUpon helps users to discover and share the best of the web. As you rate websites, your interest is shared with other like-minded users. The StumbleUpon experience is about seeing the exact content you want to see.

StumbleUpon has introduced a new ad system, titled Paid Discovery. Users can choose to use this system as a way to post their website to the constant stream of content that users are “stumbling” onto. Up to 5% of stumbles are dedicated to Paid Discovery. The system guarantees the right audience is landing on your content. An ad is not created. Your website is the ad.

What content is StumbleUpon Paid Discovery looking for? The StumbleUpon community wants to see photos, articles, videos, experiences that them smile, laugh, or in thought. Entertaining, informative, and visually appealing content works the best with users as more scores will rise in your favor, thus increasing the chance your content goes viral.

If you do choose to start a marketing campaign with Paid Discovery, there are different options for how quickly and how many users will reach your content. The engagement of users are measured carefully as you are only charged for the users who engage in your content at the level you specified. Factors that play into this include time spent, share rate, page interaction, activity, etc.

The benefits of using Paid Discovery are worth the awareness you will produce. The system will guarantee
discoveries, reach an engaged audience in relevant traffic, and pay for only the unique visitors you targeted.

Lookout’s Mobile Threat Tracker Shows Where All the Android Malware is

Malware exists everywhere. It exists even to attack your Android phone. It’s even been seen in the Android Market at one point or another. But how big is this issue? Lookout, a company specializing in software for mobile security released a new app called Mobile Threat Tracker that allows Android smartphone users to see the location of every malware incident happening around the globe.

Lookout’s app shows streak upon streak strike with the three-dimensional spinning globe. The attacks displayed are shown close to real time as the date and time is displayed at the bottom of the screen. It gives us a good representation of how phones are becoming ideal targets for malware creators on a daily basis. Lookout also included information of the top three threats for that day and spyware vs. malware percentages.

With all this talk about the threats of malware, it looks like the ideal time to start installing a security app for your Android smartphone. Lookout might just be your solution.

5 Resolutions for Digital Marketers in 2012

The expanding digital industry, as Jonathan Gardner of Vibrant Media puts it, is “destined to affect what we discuss, buy and watch, who we friend, what we Like, and how we share — all year long.” Along with eMarketer’s projection of a 14.4% increase in U.S. online ad spending, there is no question digital will make an impact in the new year. The best practices with optimal results will be the ones that will carry into 2012, even for digital marketing agencies.

  1. Take initiative into obtaining keywords using search engine optimization. Look to the future for insight on the next hot key term. Word ownership will do the work for you, setting the path for your brand to gain ownership of its voice around the web. Focus on your consumer when constructing your marketing strategy. What do they want, hope for, aspire to?
  2. Focus on your the product’s value. Consumers are becoming more spending-conscious. Focus on what content your audience wants to watch and read. Deliver ads to people who actually want to see them.
  3. Content is crucial. The most successful display ads connect content with the context of the page. The best digital marketing in 2012 will have to be dynamic.
  4. The revolution in tracking consumer behavior continues. With all the content on the web, it is quality that will produce the results in the end.
  5. Can you believe 98% of 18- to 24-year-olds use social media? More reason to develop new ways to make your social media assets deliver as seen by Best Buy and “Twelpforce” and Axe with their social toolbar.