Graduate Success Story – Caroline Zieleniewski


Nickname: Care or Line

Linkedin Profile:

College You Attended: Michigan State University

Current Job Title: Currently seeking employment

Favorite Color: currently it’s green (GO GREEN!!)

What you learned in your time at Ingenex: How to manage clients social media platforms, how to promote a brand through different social media outlets including Pinterest, link building to grow the awareness, writing search engine optimized content for websites and so much more!

New Media Drivers License: Yes! I can drive the web :) I learned so much in this class and without it I wouldn’t of had this awesome internship.

How your internship helped launch your career: It has exposed me to many different aspects of digital marketing and now I’m ready to tackle the digital marketing world. I had hands on experience at Ingenex which I think will really help me stand out in my job search.

Advice to incoming interns: ASK QUESTIONS! You can never ask too many questions. Also, have fun with the internship, if you want to try different aspects of digital marketing just ask and  someone will find a project for you.

Most importantly: Enjoy what you do and have fun. Find something that you enjoy doing for work. For me social media is fun and doesn’t seem like work, working on social media all day is awesome!
I just want to say thank you to everyone at Ingenex for making this internship a great experience! I will miss you all!

Digital Bus starting its 2012 Summer Tour

Tomorrow, Thursday June 21, the team at Ingenex Digital Marketing will be making an appearance with their Digital Bus at Sonic Lunch. The Digital Bus is run by the Ingenex Digital Marketing Firm located in downtown Ann Arbor. The Digital Bus blog keeps you updated on the best digital marketing practices.

Sonic Lunch is a free summer concert series starting June 2 – August 30, every Thursday a concert will be held at Liberty Plaza located on the corner of Liberty St and Division in downtown Ann Arbor. From noon – 1:30 p.m. Sonic Lunch offers free lunch entertainment featuring a live band from an array of talent and genres. Additionally each week at Sonic Lunch a local area restaurant will be on on-site selling a Sonic Lunch for concert-goers, other local restaurants also offer special discounts for Sonic Lunch concert-goers to take with them to the park.

Mitch Ryder, a Michigan rock legend, will be performing tomorrow at Sonic lunch. A large crowd is expected, so come early and enjoy the show. Don’t forget to find the Ingenex team and the digital bus tomorrow, we will be passing out sweet treats and other surprises!

The Best of Both Worlds

Pinstagram, a free service that displays your Instagram photos in the Pinterest waterfall format. Since Instagram did not have a web or iPad application, this is the perfect pair. Pinstagram combines two of the hottest social networks into one easy to use application available on the web or iPad.

Personally, I love this new application, it makes it a thousand times easier to view your Instagram pictures. Once you sign in with your current Instagram account, your pictures are automatically displayed in the waterfall format that every Pinterest user in a costume too. This layout allows users to view more pictures at once.

Pinstagram also offers additional views of pages. For example there is your home page, most popular page, your profile page, and a page which displays the photos you have liked. Additionally Pinstagram allows users the ability to search for a specific tag.

If you have been waiting for Instagram on your Ipad, this new application offers the best of both worlds. I love that the digital world is always trying to think of the next best thing, and I think the creators of Pinstagram have found it. Everyone loves Instagram and Pinterest, so why wouldn’t you love them as one, I know I love it!

Drive Your Documents

I thought this was common knowledge, but some people I ask have never heard of Google Documents, so I’m sure even more people don’t know about the new Google Drive.

Being in the social media world, I sometimes forget that most people aren’t up to date on the latest and greatest applications. Well here’s some inside information on the New Google Drive.

Google Drive was released about a month ago. It is a cloud based service that stores your files and allows you to sync them with multiple devices including your phone, Ipad, MAC/PC. You can get started with 5 GB for free but can upgrade if you need more space. Now you always have access to your files; at home, in the office or on the road.

But that’s not all, Google Drive can be downloaded to your desktop for even easier syncing. Once downloaded you can upload all of your files into Google Drive, so you have all your documents all the time. Documents created in Google Drive can be shared with other Google users, so multiple users can be collaborating on the same document at the same time, huge time saver at work and school. Google Drive can also open over 30 different file types making it the best option for all documents.

Personally I love the new Google Drive, Google is always finding ways to make my life easier. Now I don’t have to worry about carrying my external hard drive with me, I have all my files in my cloud.

Facebook’s Latest App

Facebook has released their own “Instagram” twin. Facebook Camera, with a newsfeed that only displays friends photos, it’s the latest way to share pictures with your friends.

Facebook Camera, a free download in the App Store, offers very similar features to Instagram. Facebook Camera allows users to post multiple pictures at once, see their friend’s latest pictures, edit pictures and add camera filters, tag their friends and add their location. It also allows users to see pictures from other applications.

Facebook Camera has a similar feel to Instagram but I don’t think it replaces Instagram. Being in the digital world, I had to check out this new Facebook application. It didn’t spend much time in the app because I was highly disappointed. First, it offers poor camera filters and secondly the pictures are pulled directly from Facebook which means you are going to see the same pictures that are on your Facebook newsfeed.

The fun thing about Instagram is that people’s pictures are usually only posted in there, so you don’t see duplicates across social media outlets. In my opinion, I found this to be the most annoying part of Facebook Camera so I’m sticking with Instagram for now.

Big Week for Mark Zuckerberg

If you haven’t already heard, Mark Zuckerberg had a huge week, not only did his company go public but he also got married.

First Zuckerberg turned 28 this week, but besides celebrating his birthday, Zuckerberg had some other huge events to tackle. His company, FaceBook, became a publicly traded company on Friday making his net worth almost $20 billion dollars.

Saturday, Mark and longtime girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, married at their Palo Alto, CA house in front of 100 guests. Friends and family thought they were attending a party to celebrate Priscialla’s recent graduation from medical school, but were really attending their wedding. After the couple was officially married, they changed their relationship status to married on FaceBook and Mark posted a wedding picture of the couple on his timeline, this seems totally appropriate for the owner of Facebook to document his life on FaceBook.

Another unexpected event for Zuckerberg, he wore a suit to his wedding nuptials. This is a rare occasion for him; he didn’t even wear a suit to the NASDAQ bell ringing, he wore his usual t-shirt and hoodie.

I can’t wait to see what’s next for Zuckerberg, he’s only 28 and has accomplished an enormous amount, but I wouldn’t put anything past him. I expect to see more great things from him. Who knows maybe him and his wife will collaborate on something.


I’ve always been a huge social media fan. I remember in high school when you had to be invited to Facebook by another one of your high school classmates, because Facebook was only supposed to be for college students at the time. Since then I have grown to love social media. I’ve documented the last 7+ years of my life on social media, and my interest only continues to grow.

I have used all kinds of social media tools, from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to Instagram and Foursquare. I love social media, and that has sparked my interest of digital media and digital marketing. I was introduced through my advisor at Michigan State University (GO GREEN!) to a class called New Media Driver’s License that was offered through the College of Communication Arts and Sciences. I heard great reviews from fellow classmates about the class, so I enrolled this past fall semester.

After the first NMDL class, I was hooked. I knew that this was stuff that I was really interested in, and I could see myself working in the digital field. The NMDL course opened my eyes to many different digital platforms. I learned about writing blogs, social media in business, and the importance of SEO and SEM, which I didn’t even know about before taking the class.

Since I completed my Driver’s License, I applied what I learned to the rest of my courses at Michigan State and completed successful advertising campaigns for my clients using key tools like Google AdWords.

During my internship this summer at Ingenex Digital marketing, I hope to sharpen and grow my knowledge and skills of digital marketing. Through my experiences at Ingenex, I look forward to learning a lot and then taking that knowledge and applying it to my future career.