How women really feel about their Facebook friends

A survey of 400 women was conducted to uncover what women really feel about the content that their Facebook friends post, but after reading the results, I feel that this survey is pretty much gender interchangeable. Most people have those few friends who overuse status updates or are extremely dramatic about life and post every little thing that is going on with friends or their boyfriend/girlfriend. I don’t understand why you would want your Facebook friends to know that your significant other cheated on you or updating Facebook every time you take a step. Just not interesting news and makes for a very awkward post.

The survey, conducted by the daily deals site, Eversave, found that 63% of the women surveyed are annoyed at people who complain all the time. I know for a fact that most guys don’t like that either. I know that sometimes you have a bad day and get angry and feel the need to say that you’re having a bad day on Facebook because obviously if it isn’t announced on Facebook, it’s not really happening. For people that rant about the smallest things that happened to should probably take a breather. Another annoyance was people who share too many mundane updates too often (65%). This has to be true for both males and females because I have heard members of both genders talk about it bothering them. I have one friend on Facebook who posts pretty much every single thing that happens to him every day. Sample status updates include, “Good morning Facebook, time to start the day,” then 10 minutes later posts, “Eating breakfast and watching TV!” I honestly don’t think if the whole world needs to know that you are eating breakfast. I would leave your status update to “Good morning,” and let everyone else wonder what crazy things you are doing that morning. Another thing that the survey revealed is people that brag about their perfect life (32%). No one’s life is perfect and there is no way that anyone is going to believe you if you constantly praise your life. I don’t know who you think you’re fooling.

Women get pretty annoyed at the Facebook antics that happen everyday. I know that these things bother me too, but some people just can’t be stopped.

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Twitter fails in the workplace

After the recent Twitter fails in the news, I have decided to dig deeper into this topic. The most recent workplace rants on Twitter have taken place on two different spectrums. The first with the tweeter being unaware that he was on a corporate account, and the other with the tweeter being completely aware and spiraling into a ferocious rampage.

The most notorious of the two slip-ups was the employee in Chrysler’s social media department who dropped the F-bomb on the official Chrysler twitter account, @ChryslerAutos. The thing about a Twitter account like Chrysler’s is that it has so many followers that if it has one hiccup (like the F-bomb), over 9,000 people see it and make note of it of course. The tweet, which said “I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to f**king drive,” was quickly deleted after the employee realized that he was not on his personal Twitter account. Someone retweeted the mishap and it soon became the tweet heard around the world. The employee was fired and Chrysler was business as usual after a little Twitter damage control with the tweet, “Our apologies – our account was compromised earlier today. We are taking steps to resolve it.” Steps to resolve it = a shamed employee out of a job.

The other employee Twitter rampage was by a fed-up Marc Jacobs intern, who was put in charge of the official Marc Jacobs Twitter account, @MarcJacobsIntl. The power must have gone to his head; he completely broke down on his last day and tweeted multiple condescending comments about the company and company’s CEO, Robert Duffy. As the end of his internship became near, the anonymous intern was asked to find a replacement. The intern supposedly presented Duffy with 50 possible candidates, but Duffy was not happy, and the intern became flustered. “Spelling is hard for me. I hate this job. Hope they find someone soon. Robert is picky! We have presented him with 50 people. He’s not happy,” marked the beginning of the Twitter temper tantrum. The intern went on to say things like “You have no idea how difficult Robert is. I am only an intern. My last day is tomorrow. I wouldn’t be tweeting this if not!” He even had the nerve to call Duffy a tyrant, “Good luck! I pray for you all. If you get the job! I’m out of here. See ya! Don’t want to be ya! Roberts a tyrant! Seriously! He is tough!” the intern continued. “I can call him out! I’m out! Won’t work in this town again! I know that! Learned a lot. But, I don’t have the energy for what is expected!” said another notorious tweet. Before leaving Marc Jacobs, the intern had one last thing to say, “Yea, walk in my MJ shoes! Don’t judge me! I’m alone in this office having to try and entertain you all. This isn’t easy. I have tried. Done!” The company did some Twitter damage control and the intern is gone; he most likely left Marc Jacobs empty-handed in the job recommendation department.

(Photo taken from the official Marc Jacobs International Twitter account.)

Starbucks Card Mobile Reaches 3 Million Hits

“Starbucks now offers the nation’s largest mobile payment network,” said vice president of Starbucks, Brady Brewer. In January, Starbucks launched a new iPhone and Blackberry app called Starbucks Card Mobile that revolutionizes the way we buy coffee. Customers are now able to pay for their order via mobile phone by holding up the app’s barcode to the register’s scanner. This application was tested in September and was discovered to be the fastest and most efficient way for customers to pay, understandably. The past financial quarter was the best performing in the 40-year history of the company, according to Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO. The Starbucks Card app accounts for 22% of all transactions, says Schultz. Schultz also noted that Schultz the Starbucks brand is number one on Facebook, over 20 million fans, and is also a top brand on Twitter and Foursquare.

Many other businesses will most likely follow in Starbucks’ footsteps and create mobile applications for their stores. The app allows for more efficient work on the employees part and allows for a better time efficiency for customers. By allowing customers to use the app, they place their order, scan their phone and receive their coffee. No more rummaging for credit cards or bill and coins, which is a godsend for many. This application will take the business world by storm and be implemented in many businesses

If you would have asked me when I was 10 years old, I would never have dreamed that we would be where we are today regarding technology. It is amazing everything that we have experienced. the iPad, iPhone, wireless computers and applications that do pretty much everything. I remember getting a Gameboy and thinking it was the smallest/coolest thing I had ever seen. Now, we can play games on phones, keep in mind, the phones are half the size of a Gameboy. I am eager to see what kind of technology we will have as I grow up.

Formspring protects against online bullying

The website Formspring is notorious for its anonymous question format, easily allowing the occurrence of online bullying. The website allows its users to harass and intimidate members in question format and, in the past, really had no way of controlling the bullying. Although most members of the older demographic are able to handle such acts of harassment, a large portion of Formspring’s users are teens and young adults; the ages in which individuals are most emotionally influenced.

The recent tragedies due to bullying were heard around the world. No one should feel afraid or intimidated for living their life and Formspring has decided to take a stand for the kids who feel that way. The website announced that they are in the  process of creating detection tools of problematic content on its site, partnering with MIT’s Media Lab to do so. The MIT team aims to implement software with intelligence that goes beyond standard word filters. The team has been using natural language recognition to uncover content that could be deemed as harassing or aggressive content.

It’s sad that a social media site, which was made as a harmless way to have fun with friends, has turned into a breeding ground for online bullying. This new software is innovative and necessary; online bullying is has reached its peak this year, with countless children taking their lives due to online harassment by peers. Although I can understand the idea that Formspring is anonymous and some users who don’t engage in online bullying could be aggravated by the detection software, I definitely feel that it is a great idea. Children joke around with their friends sometimes, but other times it can go too far without them realizing the effect that they are having on their friends. Some can shrug it off, but others can be severely damaged by degrading and aggressive comments.

Now trending: Mac & Cheese

Social media has transformed the way companies market their products and, in my eyes, Kraft Mac & Cheese is the newest front runner. I logged in to Twitter yesterday and was surprised to see that “Mac & Cheese” was trending. I know, as well as the rest of the Tweetos, that whenever something is trending, there is a story behind it, but I couldn’t figure out why people’s tweets were including the phrase “Mac & Cheese.” Shortly after, I was perusing Mashable and discovered that an article was written about why the lunchtime delight was trending on Twitter.

To my surprise, Kraft has a type of game going, known as the Mac & Jinx promotion, in which the winner receives five free boxes of mac and cheese and a T-shirt. The game goes something like this: any time two different people tweet using the phrase “mac & cheese,” they’ll each get a link pointing out the “Mac & Jinx.” The first one to click the link and give Kraft his or her address wins. This contest is so different than the traditional “enter and win” contests and I think it’s a great idea. Twitter is revolutionizing the way we get our news, keep in touch with friends and now they are changing the way we participate in contests.

It’s great to see that companies are getting creative now, and I love the fact that Kraft is making it relatively easy to win the prizes; you don’t have to jump through hoops or have some special talent to be a winner. Anyone can participate in the contest as long as he or she has a Twitter account. I also like that there are numerous winners; everyone has the chance to win without dropping their name in a hat and finding out months later that they won. I love that Kraft is embracing what new age technology has to offer with its Twitter contest.

Charlie Sheen, Twitter Legend

Charlie Sheen has officially gone crazy, but it seems that people are interested in his new found sense of self. He has set a Guinness World Record for the fastest time to reach 1 million followers on Twitter. It takes most celebrities way longer than 24 hours to reach the Twitter following in the amount of time that Charlie Sheen has. Between his recent interview and the constant partying that has led up to his infamous breakdown (although he claims he’s fine), Charlie has gained a loyal following. This loyal following could also be made up of the people who just want to see what he says and does next. To me, Charlie Sheen is spiraling out of control and it’s hard to avoid it hearing or talking about him. His life is much like that car accident that you cringe at but can’t look away.

I started following Charlie Sheen the first day that he created his Twitter account out of curiousity. When I first started following him, he had about 250,000 Twitter followers; I watched as the number skyrocketed every few minutes. It is mind boggling that within 24 hours, he has accrued over 1 million followers. I find Sheen’s current state somewhat sad and disturbing. As I watched him act erratically on his 20/20 interview, I admit I was amused, but who wouldn’t be amused at some of the things he was saying? This nonsense continues on Twitter as he tweets witty phrases about “winning” and “tiger blood.” The first tweet by Sheen was a picture of him and his “goddesses.” Charlie Sheen seems to be out of control right now and him having a Twitter can only make things worse by publicizing his life even more.

Another social media site – Quora

I know what you may be thinking, “Oh great, another website about social media,” and after reading about what this new website, Quora, has to offer, I would consider it an unnecessary addition to the world wide web. Quora could offer some valuable information, but the whole website appears unorganized and pointless.

The new site calls itself a “continuing collection of questions and answers created, edited and organized by everyone that uses it.” Sounds great, right? The idea appears to be helpful, but in reality, it is, as I said before, unorganized. To offset this organization, Quora’s search function is top notch; you ask a specific questions, you get great material in return. Imagine this site as Wikipedia for questions; people ask questions and experts answer appropriately. The search results on Quora come up with the “Best Answer” and “Best Answerer” categories, which allows you to retrieve the best answer to your question.

So what exactly is Quora best used for? For one, networking; you are being connected with experts in the field you are curious about. The site also helps out with possible blog ideas. If you’re stuck on what to write about, check Quora to browse what content people are asking about the most lately. Although this site seems great, LinkedIn Answers is definitely better if you are interested in a more professional answer. Quora also reveals that there certainly is such a thing as a “dumb question,” so if I were you, I’d stick to LinkedIn for your question and answer needs.

Embracing what technology has to offer

I recently read an article posted by Josh Rose on Mashable and it really got me thinking about how far we have come in relation to technology and even more specific, social media. Social media has truly brought so many people together in ways we couldn’t have dreamed of 20 years ago. For instance, who would have thought that we could actually see our loved ones simply by holding a cell phone (iPhone4), or talk to our friends and family in another country with a laptop, better yet, who even knew we would have laptops 10+ years ago? I don’t think most of us realize how influential social media and technology are these days.

A couple decades ago, the only way someone could keep in touch with family that lived far away was by phone or by mail. Now, we can keep in contact with those we don’t see in person often through Facebook, webcams and, most recently, with an iPhone. I can talk to my brother who lives in Florida by using my iChat application on my laptop. I can see him every day if I want, and it doesn’t take more than 5 seconds to say “Hey get on iChat,” and with a click of a button, there he is. I do think it is an overshot to say that grandparents are able to see their grand kids using the iPhone4 like the Apple iPhone4 commercial. My grandma wouldn’t know what an iPhone4 was if it hit her on the head, let alone be able to work it by herself.

Josh Rose mentions being able to keep in contact with his son every day, something that used to be hard for them because him and his son’s mom aren’t together anymore. This got me thinking about the perks of technology in relation to members of divorced families. Children who don’t get to see their immediate family members every day now have the opportunity via laptops and cell phones.

Children are learning how to use the various forms of technology at surprisingly young ages; I once saw a little girl who couldn’t have been older than 6 in the mall with a blinged-out cell phone talking away like it was no big deal. I was surprised but I think this will be the norm within the next few years. I do believe that the current generation and generations to come will continue to embrace the revolutionizing technology that presents itself every day.

(Photo cred: Google)

How offensive is your Facebook page?

Ever wonder if your future employers check your Facebook to gain some insight on your personal life? A 2009 Harris Interactive Study surveyed employers using and check out the shocking results: 45% of employers questioned use social networks to pre-screen job candidates; 35% of them chose to not hire a candidate based on what they found. In today’s world, one that revolves around social networking sites, employers are relying more and more on social networking sites for background information, but have no fear, there is a new program that can help you out!

One could probably assume that their Facebook is somewhat NSFW (maybe from the college years), but the new program, Socioclean, quickly rummages through your site and gives your the opportunity to delete whatever the program finds offensive or aggressive. If you give permission to run the program, Socioclean will scan your social profile (pictures, wall posts, comments and status updates) for 5,000 words and phrases that are racial, profane, drug-related or alcohol-related and display them in an organized fashion. Though the program won’t automatically delete the inappropriate information on your site itself, it will point out the specific words or phrases that should be deleted; you have the power to get rid of the information yourself.

I ran the program on my Facebook profile and received an alarming grade: F. The report actually said “Run for the hills! Requires immediate action!” After looking through the results one by one, I discovered that context is not taken into account. For instance, I wrote a post about a cocktail dress and the word “cocktail” was flagged for being alcohol/drug related. Also, the word “fire” is flagged because it is considered aggressive, so if a post references a bonfire, it is flagged as well. I think the program means well, but some of the words it flags are ridiculous.

This program is rather helpful to job seekers because it allows you to view the post and delete it immediately if you chose to do so. I’m not sure how the Facebook privacy factor works into this; my Facebook page is completely private, therefore, anyone who isn’t my friend can’t look at any of the information on my page. It’s a good idea to set your profile to private anyways, just to be safe. It is proven that employers actually do look at Facebook pages, so the best thing to do is to keep them PG!

(Photo taken from the previously cited article)

Better Facebook+Phone Integration on the Way

Facebook’s stronger integration with phones is a hot commodity these days. Two recent devices, the HTC’s Salsa and ChaCha, have launched, now equipped with a physical Facebook button. Facebook is also promising dozens more mobile phones will be similarly equipped throughout the year. Facebook has officially shot down the idea of an official “Facebook phone” but promise to help with a deeper integration with phone software.

Facebook’s own, Charles Wu, discusses the new changes in an official Facebook blog post. It appears that different providers will advertise the Facebook integration in different ways; Wu writes, “Some manufacturers will be highlighting Facebook as a part of their phones’ on-screen interfaces, and others will use our brand as an element of the device hardware itself.”

The new Facebook integration will allow users to access Facebook Chat on their phones without actually having to install a smartphone application. Wu also explains the deeper integration regarding your Facebook friends on your mobile phone, “When you make a phone call, the screen displays your friends’ status updates and photos, and even their birthdays.”

Phone software that is this integrated with Facebook is both good and bad. It’s great to have all your friends available at your fingertips, but, to me, Facebook is going somewhat overboard. So many people are addicted to the social networking site as it is, and it’s getting easier and easier to avoid face-to-face interaction with individuals. This integration does, however, allow people to be reached at pretty much any point and time, at least when they have access to their phone, and let’s be serious, that’s pretty much all the time these days. It’s going to be interesting to see how the integration plays out on the different phones. I’m anticipating the effect that the Facebook integration with the software on some phones will be somewhat overwhelming, while others will find the perfect balance.