Go To Meeting

GoToMeeting is a Web-hosted service created and marketed by Citrix Online, a division of Citrix Systems. It is a remote meeting and desktop sharing software, which means that it enables the user to meet with other computer users via the Internet. Definition from Wikipedia.

Quick Facts

Devoloped in 2004 

Designed to allow the desktop view of a host computer to be broadcast to a group of computers connected to the host through the Internet. Transmissions could be protected with high-security encryption and optional passwords. By combining a Web-hosted subscription service with software installed on the host computer, transmissions could be passed through highly restrictive firewalls.[ THIS IS WHAT I CALL A TECH DEFINITON ]

So is it any good?

I will use it on Friday for a more indepth review but my quick opinions are as follows: Compared to the other software programs available like Skype I would say it has a little work to do. It’s website is not attactive compared to its competitors, you immediately know it’s a paid service before they even explain any advantages….


Student Entrepreneurs RISE UP!

I have had the pleasure of interning with a fellow Michigan State University entrepreneur named Derek Mehraban whose only fault is attending some UofM basketball games. He has started Ingenex Digital right here in Michigan. He is the man when it comes to digital marketing. I found out how important it is in the future of my profession of marketing/advertising. At this time they are very few classes which devote a lot of time to digital marketing. Some other entrepreneurs I have met at MSU who devote a lot of time to the internet are Brett Kopf & Megan Gebhart. Check out Brett’s video and look at how companies like Ford are realizing the importance of Digital Marketing on sites that they create seperatly from Ford.com  I will be focusing on MSU Student Entrepreneurs who use digital marketing in the next issue of ing magazine. I would like to thank Derek for being one of the first students to come out of MSU and understand the importance of digital marketing and better yet start his own company.

To Tweet or not to Tweet?

I am here to tell you the story of my journey to finally being a twitter user regularly. To being with, I hated Twitter for many reasons. First being all the words like twit, tweet, tweetups…enough already…I believe these words make you seem uneducated. Reminds me of a Dum Dum pop. Second being how does anyone go crazy over writing 1 liners. Is that 1 sentence really making everyone crazy about twitter? 

So I started to investigate, ask Why Twitter? Most people have said they hated it in the beginning. But something happened as they used it regularly. They got Twitter-mania (can I copywrite this word?). Their network started to expand. People they never knew started following them. These people were different and had cool 1 liners to say….mania baby mania!!! I will say Twitter should improve your email subject lines. I even pimped my twitter design.

Why I like Twitter

1) It teaches you how to put condense information in a few words. This is incredibly important when talking with busy people. They just want you to get to the point.

2) It expands your network. This is very important. Shoot out a link and since it is short subject matter people will click on it. They will even repost it. They are loyal to their network. They want to support their network.

3) Easy to chat with unknowns. There are even big wigs on there like Derek Mehraban. I find that people on twitter WILL respond. Ask them for help and they WILL respond. This had a higher response factor than email!

HOWEVER I still will not say words in public like Tweet, Twit….My twitter name is Adam_Grant and not AdamGrant who I guess talks about drinking a lot bringing down my name. Come on AdamGrant you are making other people with your name look like they need to join AA.

iphone comes to your provider

Cell phones are no doubt getting to be a all in one piece to replace your wall calander, home phones, handheld game system, camera, flashlight…..The king of these new cell phones seems to be the Apple iphone with its consistantly high reviews and competitors quickly coming out with touch screen phones to just keep up with the popularity Apple provided with this touch screen cell phone technology.

Only problem for all of us who love the iphone is it isnt available on our network. Rumor has it Apple iphone won’t ever be available for our networks due to long term contracts with AT&T.

Wait! I found this piece of digital software that came out toward the end of January. Read quick bio below

“UK based iPhone unlocking Ltd. has launched its new 3G iPhone Unlocking software, which gives iPhone 3G owners the ability to use the smartphone with any network provider worldwide and also enables MMS, video recording, instant messaging, and the use of third party applications. The company promises full 24 hour customer support via email, live chat and by phone. This 3G iPhone Unlocking software costs about 16 pounds, or 23 bucks” For more information click here.

Linkedin: a more professional Facebook.

LinkedIn  is a business-oriented social networking site founded in 2002 and launched in 2003. I like to think of it as a professional networking version of the popular MySpace and Facebook sites. As of October 2008, it had more than 30 million registered users, spanning 150 industries. Statisitical information grabbed from Wikipedia.

I like to think of this site as your personal business card holder. Instead of having a rollodex of business cards taking up room on your desk you should use Linkedin. The people in the list are called Connections. These are your electronic business cards which can’t be lost or ruined when you spill coffee on them. On Facebook/MySpace it would be equivilant to Friends. Users can invite anyone to become a connection, but the person has to verify they know you before you are officially connected.
Ways connections are used:

  • Use your connections to build your network. Make your life easier and build a network. Ever heard of the phrase, “it’s who you know, not what you know.” When people in your network change jobs they will often update their profile so you don’t lose that connection. With business cards once that person leaves you are often stuck not knowing what company they went on to. When you want to meet someone, you can see if that person knows anyone that you know and gain an introduction through a shared individual you both know. Talk about a easy ice breaker!
  • Your connections can post jobs so you can finally work next to your best friend when the opportunity becomes available. Im keeping my fingers crossed for CEO of Apple in California.
  • Job seekers can review your profile and it can act as your resume. You no longer have to format resumes for each new job you apply for, or trim it to 1 page! Your profile can have recomendations on it which avoids having to ask someone for a letter of recomendation over and over again. You can show your new job that you are online/savy since it is becoming increasingly more popular and job seekers want you to have these skills of being able to talk/network online.

Linkedin Groups allows users to establish new business relationships by joining alumni, industry, or professional groups. There are even groups for people who prefer red staplers over black. Michigan State Univesity for example has a alumni group set up for most states so it is easy to meet fellow alumni when you get a job in a new area.

If the above reasons don’t at least get you to visit Linkedin you should visit a magazine site and eventually give in and create a Linkedin profile silly.