Advertising Now and Then….

The ad industry is changing faster than ever. New positions are constantly emerging as consumers are increasingly staying connected through advancements in  technology. Old positions are fading out. The big traditional agencies are building their new digital departments in their buildings as I type this right now because it is less cost effective and cohesive to outsource digital experts. Some items on the new menu include: Digital applications, big interactive touch screen display ads that people can walk up to and manipulate with their hands, aggressive search engine marketing campaigns (paid per click/organic), social media presence and integration between digital/traditional campaigns digitally savvy people to produce.

For me this provides a valuable lesson that I will take with me where ever I go in life. Always be innovative no matter what your career is. The second you get comfortable with anything you fall into a routine, and develop a one sided way of thinking. Some people today classify and group others who posses traits into one category:  Dinosaurs. What happened to the dinosaur? While one of the most biggest & powerful creatures on Earth at one time they became extinct. What I am trying to say is that any professional, especially a professional in advertising has to change with the times.

Right now more prospects spend more time on the internet than on their TV. This is a fact and a new trend!!! I have no idea who reads news papers anymore… Maybe 60 year old grandpas? If my generation wants to ”read” (which most of us don’t like doing, some of us have forgot how) we pull out our smart phone or computer and Google or Youtube it. Personally I Youtube it now, it’s not like I am too lazy to read but if I can have someone who made a video showing me the news or showing me how to do something new I am all for it. I like to learn by experience, not through reading black and white text. Google brings up Youtube results anyway!! So all you young people take this lesson with you into adulthood and all you old people start learning new things!

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