A Taste of Ann Arbor visits the Prickly Pear: Southwest Cafe

Ann Arbor Art Fair week, it is here. A five day stretch of the art fair brings in individuals from all over the great mitten shaped state. With all the preparations, the atmosphere surrounding Megan and I thought it would be a great idea to pick an Ann Arbor restaurant that has outdoor seating in the middle of the action. We chose to dine at the Prickly Pear, a southwestern style cafe on Main Street, just a few doors down from Ingenex Headquarters.

Use Google Maps to find your locations virtually - check out the walking directions - perfect for the downtown area!

As is the trend, we had a FABULOUS meal. Ann Arbor sure knows how to satisfy everyones taste buds. Today was the perfect day for a outdoor seating lunch, not too hot and not too cold. The Prickly Pear has a great team of employees, our water glasses never went empty and they brought us a basket of chips and salsa to enjoy before our food arrived. Great customer service all around!

Megan went for the House Specialty Beef Burrito, and for me, the Red Pepper Pesto Glazed Chicken Breast Quesadilla. I think that it is reasonable to say that we would both highly recommend BOTH of these choices from the Prickly Pear menu – original and tasteful, southwestern cuisine.

Since we chose to dine outside, we did not get the opportunity to check out the inside of the restaurant, however if I can tell anything by the outdoor seating, I am sure it is quite comfortable. The Prickly pear uses colorful napkins and dishes giving it a fun image. The seating was covered by umbrellas. While this may not be preferred by all, I enjoyed being able to sit in a reasonable distance from those dining at the next door restaurant, Gratzi. You can take in the visual elements of two dining experiences at one time – the wonders of downtown Ann Arbor!

Be sure to check out next weeks blog as well – we have an exciting destination planned!

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