A Taste of Ann Arbor – The ORIGINAL Cottage Inn Pizza

Five blocks or so from Main St. down E. William St. is the home to a landmark restaurant. An Ann Arbor Italian cuisine location that opened its doors in 1948 and in 1986 expanded into the pizza franchise market. The Original Cottage Inn was the destination for this weeks Taste of Ann Arbor Experience.

Excited to get to the roots of the franchise pizza spot in our home college town of East Lansing, Megan and I took off for the journey through Ann Arbor sidewalk construction. Tucked into a brick building near the campus of The University of Michigan, we were without a doubt impressed. The inside of the building is beautifully decorated with painted leaves that can be located throughout the inside and outside of the building, grapes and more giving an elegant – yet cozy environmental feel.

From Flickr user: Robert Blackie

Jordan, our waitress, was kind and personable, yet not overbearing – adding to the relaxed environment. After we made our preliminary menu choices, Jordan was helpful in helping to make the final decision. Megan tried the wheat penne pasta with pesto based sauce and minestrone soup, I opted for the lunch special, a BBQ Meatball pizza, recommended by Jordan. And while we waited for our food, we enjoyed fresh bread and oil.

I have found that recommendations may just be the best asset to a restaurant. I personally always find myself having a hard time making a decision, but with the help of a waiter or waitress that barrier is crossed. And I have yet to have an experience where I did not like the recommendation. So a thank you goes to Jordan, for keeping that streak going – our meals were delicious!

While the franchise locations offer some of the same great food, The Original Cottage Inn is a different experience. Hidden in the streets of Ann Arbor, the restaurant is a delicious dining experience that can only be gained at the original.

I would hate to jinx it for the future, but Megan and I have yet to experience a distasteful restaurant or meal. Thank you Eric for the suggestion, we loved it!

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