5 ways blogging can make you money

Inbound marketing in the fastest growing marketing tactic for most businesses. The old ways of cold-calling people to generate new leads is over. People do not want a pushy salesman or marketer telling them what to buy or promoting a business anymore. It worked for years, but the new generation is focused on the inbound methods of marketing, and business blogging is one of those methods. Leading people to your business without pushing them, allowing future prospects to come to you by choice, could make you and your business more money! There are five small tips that can benefit your company’s blog drastically if you apply them correctly.


photo credit: Peregrino Will Reign via photopin cc

1) Blogging is critical to inbound success
Blogging allows you demonstrate leadership and educate your prospects. You can blog about current events in your industry and lead potential clients to you by giving them a solution to a problem they have. So if you don’t have a blog, now is the time to start brainstorming to get things going.

2) SEO in blogging
Blog posts are incredible at enhancing the search engine optimization of your website and helps to generate more visits, which can lead to more clients. SEO is focusing more and more on content and the quality of that content. Really what we are saying …the more information there is about you or your company online the easier you are to find.

3) Creating CTAs for your blog posts
Call-to-action. What do you want your reader to do? We are not making a business blog for fun, we are blogging to make money! At the end of your blog post put a nice image that ties in with your topic and tells the reader what to do next.

4) Social media, Social media,Social media.
Did I mention social media? Link your blog to every social media site you have. How many millions of potential clients use social media? Every single one of them! Share links of informative or funny content, surveys related to your business, and then add a link to your blog post at the end.

5) Keep your content current
One of the biggest problems with blogs in you must keep it up to date and current….and that takes time and effort. If you are serious about wanting to make money, then you can’t start a blog and then just forget about it. Keep blogging regularly. If you don’t do it, then people will find someone else who will, and they can make the money.


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