3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Internship

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Internships are increasingly popular among today’s college student population. In fact, many colleges are beginning to require internships in order to graduate (or at the very least, they’ll offer credit for internships).

In my experience as an intern at Ingenex, I’ve learned a bit about important things that we can do to make the most of our internships

Ask Questions

This is easily one of the best things an intern can do while on the job. You’re coming into a business setting with no experience! Ask about business operations. What is a normal day in the office? How does the company fulfill its strategy? Most importantly, ask about your performance. Constructive criticism can help you figure out how to work in a professional environment. You’ll figure out fast how to adjust your work style. In turn, you’ll be more efficient in future positions.

Try Different Things

If the company you work for is flexible about projects that you can work on, take advantage of the various opportunities available to you! Fortunately Ingenex is one of those companies. Since I began working here in May, I’ve gained experience with social media campaigns, writing analytics reports, researching for strategy implementation, client interaction and other tasks.

Do Your Best While On the Job!

Let’s be real for a second. It stinks when you work an unpaid position. That doesn’t mean that you have an excuse to slack off while you’re at the job. Whether you are a paid or unpaid intern, you still need to show up to work on time and do your best. Your work ethic does not go unnoticed! When you work with honest effort, your employer very well may be interested in bringing you on board full-time. Even if there aren’t any positions open at the company you interned with when you look for full-time work, they’ll be more likely to connect you with someone in their network who IS hiring.

So what do I recommend you do if you are searching for a much coveted internship? Apply for an internship with Ingenex Digital Marketing! I’ve had a blast working with an amazing team of full-time staff and fellow interns. This internship has taught me how to have fun in a professional setting while still acting like a professional. I also learned how to balance multiple projects and deadlines at once (which is crucial in the marketing business). If you feel like you may be a fit with the company, don’t hesitate to apply. You won’t be disappointed.

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