Chirpify to Expand Twitter

As Twitter quickly grows everyday, more and more opportunities slowly arise for Twitter to expand its domain. That is exactly what the latest startup, Chirpify, is doing by teaming up with PayPal. Chirpify will allow users to purchase anything from companies that also use Chirpify from their Twitter-enabled smartphones. In addition to shopping, users can transfer money to other users in a peer-to-peer transaction as long as both are using Chirpify. Beyond what is already done, Chirpify and future applications will only expand and demand more from social media marketing agencies as a necessity, not just an afterthought.

There are high hopes for Chirpify given the combination of a majority of cell phone sales being smartphones and people becoming more comfortable shopping through the internet. If Chirpify takes off, it would become the first major add-on to Twitter to expand it’s reaches as a social networking tool. With social networking sites quickly trying to expand their reaches by diversifying, it’s plausible they will eventually morph into near-identical entities. Seeing as how for example Facebook has its marketplace, which seems on par with Chirpify. If that were to happen, what would happen to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook? Would they possibly merge into one giant site? All we can do is wait and see.

Explore the Digital World of Marketing with MSU’s New Media Driver’s License

If you’re interested in the rapidly growing world of online marketing, this is the perfect class for you! With Michigan State University’s New Media Driver’s License, you will learn all about the different aspects of online marketing from the experts. Derek Mehraban, CEO of Ingenex Digital Marketing, shows his students the many facets of the digital world in a fun, easy to learn way.

One of the greatest things about this class is that you are learning brand new things, but a lot of it is just expanding your knowledge of media you already use. Not everyone blogs, but it’s a pretty simple thing to do and you will learn the little extras that turn your good blog into a great blog. Most of the students who take this class already have accounts on at least one social media platform. Learn how to use platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to their full advantage.

Some things you may know little or nothing about are search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and Google and Yahoo! search rankings. When you successfully complete this class, you will have an understanding of these things and just how great of an impact they have on a business.

Another great thing about this class is that it is (mostly) online. From experience, I can say this is one of the most enjoyable and most useful classes I have ever taken. I loved the convenience of being able to do my work when it worked best for me.

Sign up now for the Fall 2011 New Media Driver’s License (ADV420) course!


THE NEW MEDIA DRIVERS LICENSE IS PROVIDED BY The Michigan State University Advertising, Public Relations & Retailing Deparment in Partnership with Derek Mehraban.

Twitter Unleashes Photo Sharing for All Users

Twitter + Photobucket

The next time you log into your Twitter account you will be sure to notice the pop-up informing you of Twitter’s newest feature. Photo and video sharing, which debuted in June, is now available to all Tweeters.

Users will now see the added camera icon at the bottom of the “What’s Happening Now?” box where users can then select a photo to upload and preview the photo before publishing it. Tweets containing photos will have a thumbnail of the attached photo as well as a link.

Twitters Prompt


This feature is being released before the launch of Apple iOS5. Twitter is essentially the default social network for iOS users due to its strong integration in the mobile OS. Users with iOS5 will be able to upload photos via Twitter, but Twitter has not yet said when Android and iOS apps will have the mobile photo upload feature.

Photobucket will provide the hosting for all user-uploaded photos on Twitter. This new feature creates a bit of a stir among third party companies such as TwitPic, Yfrog and Twitgoo that have been providing Twitter users to show images to their followers.


Katy Perry Last Friday Night a Hit!

Katy Perry pulled out all the stops for her 2011 Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) Video. The video is jammed packed with 80s heartthrob’s, 90s teen pop sensations, Internet memes and Kenny G?

Brace faced frizzy haired Kathy Beth Terry, played by Katey Perry, wakes up to find herself next to a buff young male and a fuzzy memory of the night before. Perry used social media marketing to promote the music video’s main character Kathy Beth Terry, who’s Facebook fan page is packed with links of 80s and 90s teen heart throbs like Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT), viral videos created by Kathy Beth herself and video clips of the boy band Hanson.

Katy Perry – Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

The music video features Kathy Beth Terry getting a makeover from the Friday queen herself Rebecca Black, Hanson playing in the backyard and a saxophone solo from Kenny G. Darren Criss (Blaine) and Kevin McHale (Artie) from “Glee” make an appearance along with other famous stars from the past and present.

Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) is a hilarious play on teen geek-to-chic movie’s. Who knew Rebecca Black was such a party animal. As a Katy Perry fan I give this music video is a must-see and I give it two thumbs up!

Entertainment & Stars: Katy Perry’s ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)’ Features Rebecca Black as Hostess (VIDEO)

Facebook and Twitter Additction OK

In high school and early years of college my Facebook addiction appeared to distract me from what many others thought I “should” be focusing on. As I got older my Facebook addiction led to a fascination with Twitter and other forms of social media. Suddenly I was studying social media and digital public relations strategies in school. Within three years my degree in public relations went from cool to awesome. I was taking innovative journalism classes tailored to social media strategies and search engine optimization and all things digital. Was this too good to be true? Can I really make a career out of this?


It turns out you can. And there is quite the demand for digital agencies and social media strategist as the digital revolution continues to grow according to The Detroit News article, Aging Nation, Technology Give Rise to Five Hot Jobs. There is real value in social and digital and more and more people are recognizing that. The job market is fierce and there is good news for college students. According to The Detroit News Article. “By 2018 a million new jobs expected to be created.”  I don’t know if fate or luck or destiny brought me to my current internship in the digital marketing field, but the future is looking nice for me and for the digital agency.

The Detroit News: Aging Nation, Technology Give Rise to Five Hot Jobs

Now trending: Mac & Cheese

Social media has transformed the way companies market their products and, in my eyes, Kraft Mac & Cheese is the newest front runner. I logged in to Twitter yesterday and was surprised to see that “Mac & Cheese” was trending. I know, as well as the rest of the Tweetos, that whenever something is trending, there is a story behind it, but I couldn’t figure out why people’s tweets were including the phrase “Mac & Cheese.” Shortly after, I was perusing Mashable and discovered that an article was written about why the lunchtime delight was trending on Twitter.

To my surprise, Kraft has a type of game going, known as the Mac & Jinx promotion, in which the winner receives five free boxes of mac and cheese and a T-shirt. The game goes something like this: any time two different people tweet using the phrase “mac & cheese,” they’ll each get a link pointing out the “Mac & Jinx.” The first one to click the link and give Kraft his or her address wins. This contest is so different than the traditional “enter and win” contests and I think it’s a great idea. Twitter is revolutionizing the way we get our news, keep in touch with friends and now they are changing the way we participate in contests.

It’s great to see that companies are getting creative now, and I love the fact that Kraft is making it relatively easy to win the prizes; you don’t have to jump through hoops or have some special talent to be a winner. Anyone can participate in the contest as long as he or she has a Twitter account. I also like that there are numerous winners; everyone has the chance to win without dropping their name in a hat and finding out months later that they won. I love that Kraft is embracing what new age technology has to offer with its Twitter contest.

Charlie Sheen, Twitter Legend

Charlie Sheen has officially gone crazy, but it seems that people are interested in his new found sense of self. He has set a Guinness World Record for the fastest time to reach 1 million followers on Twitter. It takes most celebrities way longer than 24 hours to reach the Twitter following in the amount of time that Charlie Sheen has. Between his recent interview and the constant partying that has led up to his infamous breakdown (although he claims he’s fine), Charlie has gained a loyal following. This loyal following could also be made up of the people who just want to see what he says and does next. To me, Charlie Sheen is spiraling out of control and it’s hard to avoid it hearing or talking about him. His life is much like that car accident that you cringe at but can’t look away.

I started following Charlie Sheen the first day that he created his Twitter account out of curiousity. When I first started following him, he had about 250,000 Twitter followers; I watched as the number skyrocketed every few minutes. It is mind boggling that within 24 hours, he has accrued over 1 million followers. I find Sheen’s current state somewhat sad and disturbing. As I watched him act erratically on his 20/20 interview, I admit I was amused, but who wouldn’t be amused at some of the things he was saying? This nonsense continues on Twitter as he tweets witty phrases about “winning” and “tiger blood.” The first tweet by Sheen was a picture of him and his “goddesses.” Charlie Sheen seems to be out of control right now and him having a Twitter can only make things worse by publicizing his life even more.

Social Networking is Communication on Massive Scale

Social Networking on the internet has been around for a long time but in its earliest forms I remember MySpace was the place to go. It’s funny how things have changed so much, people join social networks to stay connected with their friends and family during all times of the day and just recently companies realized they can harness the power of social networking to connect on a personal level with their consumers, as if a giant rock fell from the sky and hit them on the head. Everywhere I go I see the Facebook logo in store windows. I was even driving on the road and to my surprise I saw a giant Facebook logo on in a gas station window. Marketing firms have been integrating social media into their services as a channel of communication and that is what it is. It all comes down to ‘Communication’ whether it is on a global scale fueling a revolution in Egypt or a company like Old Spice repositioning itself and connecting personally with its consumers. It is communication with a market segment of over 500 Million people and counting.

So where will it go from here and what will we see next? I hate to bring Google into this but we have to. Facebook has all of our personal information (demographics) and knows what we like (interests) but Google knows what we do on the internet, exactly what we do. I am sure that these places are selling our information to marketing firms as I write this, to be honest they kind of already offer some of it for free to the registered business accounts on their sites its called ‘insight’ and lets registered businesses know everything we do on their pages from the amount of time we spend on them to the items we click. I think as new technology continues to develop that social networking will become further integrated into our lives. Lets look at some examples. TV’s, Videogame consoles, and Smartphones have Facebook/Twitter apps now. I cannot wait until the day when I wake up and I can access my Facebook page from my refrigerator or better yet my toaster!!! People also start to think that since these websites are so popular that they will start charging money to register a simple user account. I doubt that would ever happen. Why would a website charge money to a consumer when it can charge money to the business trying to connect with that free user? It doesn’t make any sense, so it wont happen.  If you are wondering what else will happen on these websites just remember anything is possible because it is uncensored communication on a massive level… This is why I was not surprised at all when I found out Twitter was used to start and continue  a revolution in Egypt. Of course it was it is communication on a massive level between thousands of upset youthful Egyptians.

Homeless People Tweeting?

If you’re walking around NYC and see a couple homeless men with cell phones, don’t be discouraged. A new Twitter campaign, Unheard in New York, aims to raise awareness about the trials and tribulations of the homeless in a large urban city. Four homeless men, Danny, Carlos, Derrick and Albert, were given a prepaid cell phone with unlimited texting and a Twitter account and were told to tweet about the things they do every day in NYC. It’s not like they’re walking around with iPhones though; the 4 of them are tweeting away on inexpensive, Samsung clam-shell phones.

BBH advertising agency responsible the campaign and Rosemary Melchior, Robert Weeks and Willy Wang are the interns behind it. The interns were challenged to “Do something good… Famously,” and this is what they came up with. The 4 homeless men were given the phones, paid for by BBH advertising agency, and also received some training on the basics of Twitter. Although Unheard in New York is not a fundraiser per say, it was created in hopes that people will be inspired to donate to the homeless as well as homeless shelters such as NYC Rescue Mission. It was the NYC Rescue Mission that helped select the four homeless men who were to take part in the campaign, as they have built a relationship with BBH ad agency.

These four homeless men serve as a pilot group; the agency wants to expand the Twitter accounts and voices of the homeless around NYC. The campaign end when the internship ends, however, the interns are hoping that their work will not go unnoticed. They are anticipating that another agency will pick up their strategy and continue to raise awareness about the homeless.

I actually started following them on Twitter and it’s very refreshing. They don’t complain about one thing; it’s all positive tweeting coming from each one. They tweet about job interviews, how their day is going and feedback to their followers. It’s great to see that their followers are actually trying to help them out and give them positive feedback as well. These 4 men seem to have a big heart and are grateful for what they do have in life, though it’s not much. I think this campaign should be expanded to different urban cities; if people are given insight about members of the homeless community, they could be more apt to helping out. If you’d like to follow them, their Twitter names are @putodanny, @awitness2011, @albert814 and @jessie550. You can also follow the campaign itself at @underheardinNY.

(Photo taken from Mashable article)

Social media vs. 911

Social media is taking the world by storm. The influence is so prominent that it is reported that people are now using social media during emergencies. We have noticed lately that social media has been used in national and international crisis in the past few years, such as the political hubbub in Egypt, but people are actually using it to inform their social networking site viewers of personal emergencies.

A few years ago, two girls found themselves trapped in a storm water drain used their phone to inform Facebook of their emergency rather calling 911. This was somewhat ridiculous to authorities at the time, but researchers have found that social media can play a large role in emergency response. A recent survey shows that almost half of respondents said they would use social media to inform relatives and friends that they are okay in the event of some sort of disaster. The survey also reported that 69% of respondents think that emergency response agencies should monitor their social media sites to respond promptly to people in trouble. CDC Emergency and the American Red Cross are the top emergency agencies on Twitter; this allows them to quickly respond to people in need.

I think that the idea of using social media in emergency situations is an interesting topic, although there are both pros and cons. Because it is so easy to post on Facebook and Twitter, it’s more likely that people will abuse the sites. It also seems that the younger generations are more likely to update their Facebook and Twitter, so most of  the population of the older generations will not be taking part in this. On the other hand, people are constantly on social media sites from dawn until dusk, and it would take 2 seconds for anyone to receive word of an emergency, and in turn, attempt to help the person(s) in need. Facebook and Twitter sites take just seconds to update it is proven that these social media sites have actually helped in emergency situations. Let’s not get rid of 911 just yet though.