Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Websites

It’s time to spread your website wings and take a break. The following sites provide entertaining sharable content your friends will appreciate.

Remember, these are not legitimate new sources, and shouldn’t replace traditional news. Also, not everything on these webpages is appropriate. Be cautious about what you post and view on your own free time i.e.,avoid viewing at work. I can always count on these two websites for articles mocking popular culture, funny photos and videos of cute puppies.

1. The Chive

2. BuzzFeed

Via BuzzFeed

Tumblr: Expect a quick laugh and a lot of wasted time with these websites.  The “Well Dressed Animals” is one of my favorites and has enjoyably stolen many hours of time.

3. What Should Bama Call Me #WSBCM

4. How Do I Put This Gently 

5. What Should We Call Me

6. Well Dressed Animals 

Super Fly Snapback Capped Pug via

Looking for news…but not in the mood to read the Washington Post or celeb gossip? The following satirical websites offer a unique blend of pop culture, entertainment, politics, interesting photos and videos you will be dying to share with your friends.

7. Vice: has an interesting composition of news articles, blog posts, and advice This website has a ton of Documentary-esk web videos profiling counter-culture and exploring the not so well-known.

Vice Do’s and Dont’s 

Do’s and Don’ts via


For your celeb gossip fix I suggest the following:

8. D Listed: Where celebs or reality TV stars are not idolized, but are criticized.

9. Hip Hollywood: Music and more…with a hint of celeb gossip.

GAME ON! Get your trivia fix and show your friends you know the most Harry Potter facts and countries. Share, compete and create your own quizzes. Sporcle is a guilt-free way to pass time.

10. Sporcle