Drive Your Documents

I thought this was common knowledge, but some people I ask have never heard of Google Documents, so I’m sure even more people don’t know about the new Google Drive.

Being in the social media world, I sometimes forget that most people aren’t up to date on the latest and greatest applications. Well here’s some inside information on the New Google Drive.

Google Drive was released about a month ago. It is a cloud based service that stores your files and allows you to sync them with multiple devices including your phone, Ipad, MAC/PC. You can get started with 5 GB for free but can upgrade if you need more space. Now you always have access to your files; at home, in the office or on the road.

But that’s not all, Google Drive can be downloaded to your desktop for even easier syncing. Once downloaded you can upload all of your files into Google Drive, so you have all your documents all the time. Documents created in Google Drive can be shared with other Google users, so multiple users can be collaborating on the same document at the same time, huge time saver at work and school. Google Drive can also open over 30 different file types making it the best option for all documents.

Personally I love the new Google Drive, Google is always finding ways to make my life easier. Now I don’t have to worry about carrying my external hard drive with me, I have all my files in my cloud.