Megan V Meade

Megan recently joined the elite group of Michigan State University Alumni.  Graduating with a B.A. in advertising, she plans to take what she has learned and expand that knowledge as she attends the Creative Circus next fall. The Creative Circus, a portfolio school in Atlanta GA, helps students refine their skills in one of five creative tracks. Megan will be focusing on the copy-writing track with hopes of dabbling in the photography track throughout her time at the Circus.

At the current time, Megan is interning at Ingenex Digital Marketing in Ann Arbor MI. She, Lauren Weingartz, and Tiffany Risner will make up the Eco-Friendly Digital Marketing Internship power-team this summer. Megan knows she will gain a better understanding of the field of digital marketing, and is proud to count herself among such a plethora of knowledge and talent.

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