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I’ve been told on more than one occasion the best way to breakout in the world of advertising is to “sell yourself.” Well that doesn’t seem so bad right. So lets recap we have the idea but execution is the tricky part, especially for those who consider themselves creatively challenged. On a personal side note we are all creative and imaginative people. However some allow their creativity a pinch more wiggle room.
Back to branding. When it comes to creating a new brand or image there are three things I focus on Color, Uniformity and Organization. I recently discovered a new website ( that allows you to upload a photo and pulls out a color scheme for you based on that photo and it allows you to pick other schemes based on similarity from that of your uploaded photo. Pretty awesome you have the hardest part done for you.
Now you can use your favorite photo or illustration and its complementary color scheme ready for the next phase of branding. Designing across mediums and uniformity go hand in hand. I touched on this earlier but I cannot stress enough how important it is your brand is uniform across the spectrum of media. But going back to this is where you brand’s color scheme makes life really easy. If you stick to those colors and/ or image(s) its almost as easy as cut and paste. The key word in that last statement was almost.

You should seriously research the restrictions of the media you wish to design for ahead of time to save yourself some time and headaches. You can refer back to my example of FBML when developing banner ads on Facebook for your page.
Great! We’ve created some great branding across all sorts of mediums but there is still work to be done. Organization of all your work and of your online presence allows you create a hub for your potential employers, your family, friends and fan base to catch-up on what’s going on in your world. Allowing real time updates and your latest and greatest projects. A good example for this would be it allows you to rename links to your Facebook, personal blog, Linkedin, and Twitter all in one place.  One more reason to say, “Hello World, (your brand here) is ready to make a statement.”


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