Bold is Beautiful

As of yesterday, Research in Motion, creators of the BlackBerry released a new device that goes above and beyond your typical BlackBerry. The BlackBerry Bold is the newest BlackBerry model that runs on AT&T’s 3G network. The Bold is not a touch screen; however, it is the upgraded version of the BlackBerry 8800 series. These models are popular with companies because they are said to be easier to function. Blackberry’s are known for being a bit on the larger side in order to be more functional vs. being more stylish. Although BlackBerry’s are known for their functionality, the new BlackBerry Bold has a leather backing to it. For the creator’s of the BlackBerry, this is one step in the direction toward attempting to get the new BlackBerry noticed for its functionality and stylishness.

The BlackBerry Bold’s 2.66-inch screen is the largest yet on a BlackBerry.  Personally, I happened to be one of the few who saw this device right when it came out and before it was sold out of the East Lansing AT&T store. I must admit that although the screen was big, it was extremely bright and clear and the keyboard was very comfortable and easy to use. A full charge on this phone is said to last for four and half hours of talk time and about 13.5 days of standby. The Bold also has the fastest network of any BlackBerry out there. This allows you to access network capabilities faster than you would have on previous models. The keyboard is designed to make e-mailing, texting and web searching extremely easy. Research in Motion stated that each key has a subtle high point on it that is said to make typing more comfortable.  

Overall, the BlackBerry Bold is the newest and fastest selling BlackBerry out there. Due to the fact that it has just emerged into the market, it is a bit pricey. You can purchase the Bold for about $300 with a two year signing contract with AT&T. In comparison to the Iphone, however, that isn’t such a fabulous deal. The BlackBerry Bold gives you one gigabyte of memory, in comparison to the Iphone which gives you at least eight gigabytes of memory for $199. Basically it all depends on how you plan to use your phone and what your preferences are. If you have your heart set on a BlackBerry, the Bold is definitely the best one to go with.

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