Big Week for Mark Zuckerberg

If you haven’t already heard, Mark Zuckerberg had a huge week, not only did his company go public but he also got married.

First Zuckerberg turned 28 this week, but besides celebrating his birthday, Zuckerberg had some other huge events to tackle. His company, FaceBook, became a publicly traded company on Friday making his net worth almost $20 billion dollars.

Saturday, Mark and longtime girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, married at their Palo Alto, CA house in front of 100 guests. Friends and family thought they were attending a party to celebrate Priscialla’s recent graduation from medical school, but were really attending their wedding. After the couple was officially married, they changed their relationship status to married on FaceBook and Mark posted a wedding picture of the couple on his timeline, this seems totally appropriate for the owner of Facebook to document his life on FaceBook.

Another unexpected event for Zuckerberg, he wore a suit to his wedding nuptials. This is a rare occasion for him; he didn’t even wear a suit to the NASDAQ bell ringing, he wore his usual t-shirt and hoodie.

I can’t wait to see what’s next for Zuckerberg, he’s only 28 and has accomplished an enormous amount, but I wouldn’t put anything past him. I expect to see more great things from him. Who knows maybe him and his wife will collaborate on something.

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