Be Aware of Spokeo The Creepiest Social Media Aggregator!

No it is not Halloween but this website is so darn spooky I had to bring it up on the blog. It is called Spokeo and it is online white pages. This website is a stalkers dream come true.  I am not kidding. Spookeo aggregates information from your social media websites. Everything you include on your social networking sites is recorded and aggregated by Spokeo such as phone numbers, email, descriptions, locations etc. Then the important stuff Spokeo finds to help locate/describe you is compiled into a Spokeo page under your name. Even the images of your parents House (and current house) along with a very detailed map are conveniently provided by Google (THANKS) and displayed to the stalker that  searches you courtesy of Spokeo.  So here is how it works. The stalker enters a persons name or email address to locate whom they please. So for example a stalker could pull a name of a famous person, or a random person from say… A student directory, a website, or even a Facebook page. Then all they have to do is simply type it in and if they have an idea of what state the person they are stalking is located in, it is game over. IT GETS CREEPIER THAN THAT.

I Searched my name “Sean Schwartz” and Clicked Michigan. In seconds I found my Mothers house address, along with the value of the house, a picture, a map to the house, address, phone number, siblings & parents (with similar information), relationship status, age, hobbies, social profiles ETC.  Needless to say I am glad I Googled my name but should you find yourself on this website and trust me you are, immediately go to and get yourself off there.

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