Ann Arbor Local Blog: Edward Vielmetti’s Vacuum

While scanning several years’ worth of blog posts to Edward Vielmetti’s Vacuum, I gained a new respect for blogging and its impact on the information age. Born in 2003, Vacuum chronicles the experiences and thoughts of the author over the last five years, on topics such as productivity, farmers’ markets, wikis, and spiders (see here for a summary of sorts). The dedication of Vielmetti to this blog show that with time and hard work, a blog can yield very rewarding results – for readers as well as for bloggers.

Vacuum is most definitely unique, and offers up an interesting perspective on living, working, and raising a family in Ann Arbor, as well as documenting Vielmetti’s ongoing quest for increased productivity. I appreciate that any advice offered is based from personal experiences, including home recipes, exploring new web apps, and raising his children. This blog is true to life, helps give a sense of Ann Arbor, and also features some niche information that could definitely prove helpful. Vacuum doesn’t strive to be overly reader-oriented; Vielmetti lives his life, writes about it, and readers can glean what they may from his experiences.

My favorite entry thus far? Right here, in which Vielmetti proves to be not only a fascinating source on a variety of topics, but also a compelling writer. As someone who is not an expert in any of Vielmetti’s most mentioned themes, I have a lot to learn from reading his blog. Vacuum’s range continues to amaze me, and I’m looking forward to keeping up with its evolution.

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