Ann Arbor Bloggers: the Ups and Downs of an Interview

Recently, I have been following the local Ann Arbor blog “Teeter Talk.” The concept behind Teeter Talk revolves around someone with an interesting story or experience being interviewed on a teeter totter. A man who goes by the name of Homeless Dave is the mastermind behind this whole website. He interviews all the guests and keeps the totter going. Those who dare to sit at the other end of the totter not only share their story with eager and willing readers, but give their own perspective as well.  Those who have dared to totter have been people from all aspects of life. Homeless Dave has had interviews with various Ann Arbor locals, Ingenex’s own Derek Mehraban and President Bill Clinton to name a few.  


Homeless Dave will blog about almost anything and anyone. From writing about potatoes, to two of his friends meeting Michelle Obama, you never know what to expect from him, except that his posts are almost always interesting and humorous. However, there is more the Homeless Dave than just tottering with random people. He runs his own bike hauling business, which he says will run in any type of weather, in addition to hand cranking and pedal-power spinning his own laundry while documenting it.  He also informs his readers with step-by-step instructions on how to build a teeter-totter and how to hand wash your laundry. He also just launched a new paper, the Ann Arbor Chronicle. The idea behind this paper was to embody the Ann Arbor community and reflect that essence and energy from the community in a daily news site.

Homeless Dave is as unique as his style of interviewing is. All of his interviews are original, authentic and can relate to all different types of people. Being interviewed by Homeless Dave would be a beneficial experience not only for him, but for each of the people he interviews. He gets to learn more about the person he’s interviewing and what they have to share, while the person being interviewed gets to hear about all of Homeless Dave’s stories and experiences from all the different types of people he has come across.  Homeless Dave’s blog is definitely different than another other blog I have followed or read. His style and form of interviewing is not only one of a kind, but stimulating and interesting to the reader as well. Also, how many people can say they do all their interviews on a teeter totter?

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  1. Amanda – nice post. This Homeless Dave guy sounds pretty cool. I see him around town from time to time. Can’t believe he interned Clinton.

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